Chapter 5: Get Creative With Pallet Displays

Pallet displays are often found in club stores like Costco or Sam’s Club and showcase various products, including electronics, cosmetics and food and drink. These displays are essential to catch shoppers’ attention and lead them toward your brand and products.

This chapter explains more about pallet displays and how you can optimize their design to help increase your sales.

What Is a Pallet Display?

Pallet displays serve multiple purposes, allowing you to ship and display your products at the same time. These displays ship as they are and are displayed on top of pallets, usually within club stores. These displays are exceptionally sturdy and can last a long time, reducing the frequency that you’ll need to replace these displays due to wear and tear.

Types of Pallet Displays

When you choose pallet displays, you have multiple options to choose from to help promote your products in various stores. Some types include:

  • Corrugated pallet displays: Corrugated pallet displays are solid and durable, ideal for fragile items or many products. These pallet displays can withstand rough shipping and stand firm in stores for long periods.
  • Half pallet displays: Half pallets are ideal for saving space in a retail store while promoting your product. Since these displays are smaller, they’re often easier to move.
  • Quarter pallet displays: Quarter pallet displays help advertise point-of-purchase products. These can help promote and sell products near checkout lines or at the end of aisles. They only take up about a quarter of the pallet display, making them ideal for smaller products.
  • Full pallet displays: Full-size pallet displays are more prominent and often more durable, allowing retail stores to plan to deliver and present these displays easily. These displays are standard in large retail or club stores, usually placed in main pathways for maximum customer exposure.
  • Dump bins: Dump bins vary in size, allowing you to choose one that fits your product. These bins are ideal for smaller, lightweight items you want to display in a single place.

Common Pallet Display Requirements

Your specific requirements will depend on what type of display you choose. For example, quarter pallet displays usually have to be 24 inches by 20 inches, 24 inches by 24, 22 inches by 22 inches or 20 inches by 20 inches. Specific stores will also have their own requirements. For example, Walmart requires its displays to be retail-ready. Costco also requires its displays to be retail-ready, and pallet displays have to be pre-packaged and 48-inch-by-40-inch CHEP, PECO and iGPS pallets.

These requirements also change on occasion as stores update their requirements. Staying current on the changes can ensure your displays and designs get approved for inclusion in various retail stores.

How to Create Better Pallet Displays

Making the most of your pallet displays can help them last longer, draw customer attention and increase your revenue. Consider the following tips when creating your pallet displays:

  • Add a pallet skirt: Pallet skirts can cover multiple pallets that help raise products to ideal heights for customers. Design these skirts with your brand colors, graphics and logo to draw further attention to your product and brand.
  • Choose strategic colors: Colors play a significant role in marketing and communicate different things to customers. For example, red can make people think of a sale or promotion. When they see blue, it can invoke a feeling of calm, helping customers feel more relaxed as they browse the store. Choosing the right color can help you sell your products more effectively.
  • Design product packaging that fits the display: Different pallet display types have different sizes. Optimizing your product packaging to fit your specific pallet display can help create a clean, uniform look that attracts customers. It will also maximize the space of the pallet, allowing you to promote as many products as possible.
  • Make products easy to grab: Your displays should make it easier for customers to pick up your product as they walk by. For example, you don’t want your product too low, forcing customers to stoop down to grab your product. You also don’t want to use a pallet display type like dump bins if customers have to reach over the edge and stretch to get to your product. Instead, consider display types that work with your product.
  • Choose durable materials: Pallet displays have to be able to handle distribution and display. You’ll want to choose materials that can withstand a road trip and regular wear and tear as it’s on the sale floor.

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