Chapter 2: Update Your Displays Regularly

Retail displays are an essential part of any business that sells a product or service. Customers peruse retail stores and come across multiple displays showcasing various products. However, some displays can fall into the background over time, and before you know it, they’re just another part of the store that regular shoppers never see as they walk by.

Updating your displays regularly can help solve this problem, maintaining constant attention for your brand and products. Learn more about the importance of updating your displays and how you can improve them.

Why Should You Change Your Displays Regularly?

Your display is an essential tool to help you bring in customers and sell your products. Updating retail displays regularly has many benefits, including:

  • Creating a new and improved look: As time passes, an older display may fade into the background for regular customers, causing them to overlook it. Updating your display helps you create a new and exciting look for customers that will draw them to your products and generate sales.
  • Building brand awareness and attraction: New displays are an excellent way to remind customers of your brand or catch the attention of new customers who may not have noticed your product. Bringing awareness to your brand and product regularly can help keep your products selling, helping you maintain steady revenue.
  • Standing out against the competition: Changing your display helps set you apart from the competition. Customers are less likely to overlook your display in favor of your competition when it’s something new and refreshing.
  • Updating your brand or message as it changes: Sometimes, your brand image or business message may change over time. Updating your displays allows you to account for these changes, making them more accurate to your brand identity.
  • Keeping your displays fresh and new: After a while, your older displays will likely become damaged or worn from regular wear and tear. Damaged or worn-out displays can lose their stability and attractive look, making them less appealing to customers. Updating your displays allows you to replace your older ones with something new and fresh, helping your customers stay attracted to your brand. It also prevents your products from fading into the background so you can stand out against competitors.
  • Optimization for products: If you change your products or launch something new, a different type of display may better suit your needs. For example, you may have used display bins but changed your product or created something new where a standing shelf display works better. Changing your displays can help you keep up with your product and customer needs.

How Often Should You Change Your Retail Display?

There is no single hard and fast rule for when you should change your display. Some businesses might change their display more regularly because they’re constantly updating their product line. Others may change their displays when they sustain damage or have an older look that’s not drawing as much customer attention as before.

In general, when you change your display depends on various factors. For example, you’ll likely want to change your seasonal retail displays more often to showcase different promotions and products for the gift-giving season. You can determine if you need to change your retail display by considering the following questions:

  • Does your product need a new display to make it fresh and exciting?
  • Do your customers need more creative displays to draw their attention?
  • What do your competitors’ displays look like?
  • Have your displays taken damage or become worn out?
  • Have you released a new product?

The Benefits of Seasonal Displays

Seasonal displays are specific for the season, such as the holidays, special events or the changing weather. You might have a seasonal display for the summer, back-to-school or Christmas which promotes items specific to that time of year. These types of displays have many benefits, including:

  • Brings in new customers: The holiday season is one of the busiest times of the year for all kinds of retailers. Customers will be looking for products specific to the season, so having displays advertising your holiday products is an excellent way to grab their attention. Customers are more likely to be interested in your display during the holiday season if you use seasonal displays.
  • Meets current customer demands: Customers expect stores to shift to seasonal displays during the holiday season. When they see a store without these displays, they may not even consider searching for something or believe you’re falling behind — updating your seasonal displays signals to customers that you’ve shifted gears toward the holidays. Customers will see that you’re participating in seasonal trends and are more likely to engage with your brand.
  • Increases profits: Not using seasonal displays could prevent you from making as much profit since customers interested in seasonal products won’t look at your regular display as much as they would if it represented the holidays. When customers don’t look at your displays, you lose out on potential profits and customers who might return to your business once the holiday season ends. Customers are more willing to spend their money with companies participating in the holidays, so using seasonal displays can help increase your profits.

How to Improve Your Retail Displays

When updating your displays, you can improve the design and layout to attract more customers. Consider the following ways to improve your retail displays:

  • Update graphics and categorize: Updating your displays is the perfect time to change the background graphics and use signage to signal your product assortment. Updated graphics and imagery will also draw attention to your displays where they may have once fallen into the background.
  • Change locations: Displays can get stale when they stay in the same spot since customers always walk by them when they enter a store. Changing the location can make your displays look fresh since you’re disrupting customers’ regular shopping patterns. Changing your type of display, such as moving from a bin to a shelf, is an excellent way to implement a location change.
  • Use interactive elements: If customers can interact with your displays, they’re more likely to see your products for an extended period and feel tempted to purchase something. Include QR codes or samples to make your customers feel more involved.

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Updating your retail displays is essential to maintain customers’ interest and generate revenue. If your displays are outdated, damaged or need a makeover, Creative Displays Now is here to help! We have quick turnaround times for seasonal displays, ensuring you’re prepared for every season. We also can help you customize your displays to communicate your brand image and drive customers to your products.

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