The Factors That Influence Purchasing Decisions in Retail Stores

There are many factors that influence purchasing decisions, and in today’s competitive retail landscape, you really can’t afford to not take advantage of knowing (and capitalizing on) those that can have a positive impact on sales. 

Retail Store Displays

What are the top factors that influence purchasing decisions for consumers today? Read on…

  • Having a great store ambience can be a huge opportunity for retailers. It allows you to set the scene for your shoppers’ experience while they physically browse your retail space. It’s proven that people buy more when they “feel good.” Create that space for them!
  • Store displays and presentation of products are a way you can really stand out against the competition. Adding on to the idea of ambiance, how you display your products can have a real impact on sales. Shoppers like creative, neat and organized, easy-to-find items, and displays can help you achieve all of this. Consider doing something eye-catching, like color coordinating products to really stand out. 
  • Premium packaging is important. Whether you’re shipping a product or handing a branded custom bag across the counter, don’t miss out on the prime real estate packaging offers. Branding your packaging with your logo is smart, too, as some recent studies suggest up to 90% of consumers reuse packaging. 
  • Staff treatment of customers is a no brainer, but still worth mentioning as a gentle reminder. Today’s consumers are finicky, and with a saturated market where they can have virtually anything they want with the click of a button, they all but demand special treatment when shopping in a retail environment. It only takes one bad encounter to lose a customer, and referral loss (when a disgruntled customer bashes your brand) can hurt you too!
  • Your reputation is everything. Literally. Online reviews and word of mouth bashing, combined with the power of social sharing can do a brand in. Be kind, be compassionate, be valuable. Having a reputation of being a brand who cares will win every time. 
  • Price is always an important factor for consumers. That said, cheaper isn’t always better (or necessary!). By taking heed to some of our previous factors mentioned above (ambiance, display aesthetics and packaging being the most impactful), you may be able to effectively charge a higher cost. Be competitive, but don’t sell yourself short. 
  • Online presence is non-negotiable these days. We don’t know how to make it any clearer than that. You. Simply. Must. Be. Online. And you don’t need a huge several-hundred-page website either! But, keep in mind you should have a website AND social channels (and be active and engaging on them) for a truly omnipresent strategy. 
  • Return policy while this isn’t often a huge priority for every brand, identifying and making known your return policy can be beneficial for several reasons, including consistency, transparency and helping to build customer loyalty. 

It can be tough to build a brand in today’s retail world. But for as many challenges as there are, we guarantee you have just as many opportunities to build a successful brand that delights your customers and can withstand the test of time.

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