The Benefits of Using Corrugated Cardboard for Custom Displays

benefits of using cardboard for custom displays

You’re working on a point-of-purchase display for your products, and you want to make sure the result is durable, eye-catching and organizes the items to sell. Corrugated cardboard is a simple material with many features and practical uses that make it a desirable choice.

The benefits of corrugated cardboard displays are mainly related to how easy this material is to work with for manufacturers and retailers.

Note: Many people use the term “cardboard” when referring to corrugated materials for shipping or displays. Technically, cardboard refers to a thick paper stock, and corrugated materials include outer liners with fluting in the middle. In this article, we use both terms to refer to the thick corrugated fiberboard used to create durable displays.

1. Affordable

Corrugated cardboard retail displays are a cost-effective marketing tool for temporary uses. They’re less expensive to manufacture compared to displays that use plastic, metal or other materials. The cost of shipping cardboard is also less because it’s lightweight.

Although other materials may have a longer lifespan, corrugated cardboard is unbeatable when it comes to the upfront cost. If you plan to upgrade your point-of-purchase model for new stock in the near future, spending less on a temporary display is a logical choice. You can get the fully customized, high-quality display you envision without spending a large amount of money on the design alone.

2. Quickly Manufactured

Corrugated items are easy to manufacture, so you can get your merchandise strategy implemented as quickly as possible. Displays made out of other materials take longer to produce, and some require expensive tools to create.

Corrugated cardboard is one of the friendliest materials to mold, cut and structure in the display industry. This quality speaks to its popularity as packaging and retail cases for products in many sectors.

If you want to change something about a design before you release it to your store partners, you can request a new version and expect its swift creation. In particular, the quickness of corrugated cardboard manufacturing makes it perfect for seasonal projects.

3. Easy to Assemble

Store employees are sometimes responsible for assembling the point-of-purchase display once it arrives with your products. Custom corrugated fiberboard displays are simple to put together and typically require few — if any — tools. Using this material to build your product case is a user-friendly option for all parties involved.

4. Durable

Although cardboard is a lightweight and inexpensive material, corrugated cardboard point-of-purchase displays can withstand a lot of wear and last throughout a merchandising campaign. Corrugated cardboard is designed specifically to have a high degree of physical integrity.

If you’re expecting your product display to be exposed to moisture, you might want to consider using a waterproof option instead of cardboard. Other than that drawback, cardboard is highly durable.

5. Easy to Transport

Corrugated cardboard displays are lightweight, easy to transport and can ship when fully assembled. The merchandiser can move the empty display to a new location with minimal effort and restock your products to meet the demand. When disassembled, they fit inside the backseat of most vehicles.

easy to transport

6. Eco-Friendly

For companies with environmentally conscious values, corrugated cardboard is one of the best options available for a point-of-purchase display. Corrugated cardboard is 100% recyclable, and you can print on it using vibrant vegetable-based inks. Many cardboard materials are recycled from post-consumer waste.

Building a sustainable brand image with compatible displays allows you to appeal to modern customers’ sensibilities and stay ahead of your marketing competition. Cardboard is one of the most affordable solutions for sustainable branding.

7. Appealing to Customers

Customers are used to seeing corrugated displays in stores. It’s an inviting material with the printing capabilities for bright colors and crisp images. Alternatives are more challenging to transform into creative shapes, making them a bit less appealing.

Marketing with custom cardboard displays is an easy, affordable way to spread brand awareness. These displays organize your products uniformly, so they’re easy to grab and draw attention with bright colors and images.

8. Versatile

Corrugated point-of-purchase displays are highly customizable, especially when it comes to printing and design. They can be shaped to fit your merchandise with shelves or pockets. You can add a flat surface specifically for marketing in full color. The porous material also makes it easy to print or add stickers.

Cardboard displays come in nearly unlimited designs and are suitable for any part of a store based on the design. You can request a countertop display for the checkout area, a floor display for use in aisles or a display for trade-show booths.

9. Lightweight

Corrugated cardboard is strong and durable, but it’s the lightest material possible for use in a display. Since corrugated cardboard displays are often created for temporary marketing campaigns, it’s a plus for storeowners when they’re easy to move to a less-trafficked location of the store after they’ve served their primary purpose.

10. Agile

Cardboard displays are inexpensive to produce, simple to put together and offer a fast turnaround. Store owners can easily swap designs to refresh the original display or market new products in the same category. Cardboard is a great option overall for testing products or attracting customers to your limited edition items.

Since it’s easy to make changes when you’re working with cardboard, you can quickly resolve any issue with the design or add something to a dated design.

11. Customizable

Corrugated displays come in many shapes and sizes, and they’re affordably designed for any specific area of a store. Other display materials are also customizable, but most lack the ease of customization cardboard can provide.

Cardboard is a porous material that also serves as a great canvas for all types of ink. Any flat panel of the cardboard can be printed on, making it an ideal option for displaying ideas as an ad space.

You can print any text or graphics on corrugated cardboard displays for reasonable prices. Other materials may require specific inks that will adhere the best for full saturation or a chemical treatment that will make the colors show more crisply.

Cardboard is a versatile printing space, whether you want to print your mascot, seasonal or festive graphics, the company logo, a catchy slogan, product warnings and instructions or special sales deals.

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