How to Make Your Custom Cardboard Displays POP!

In an age where people are busier and more easily distracted than ever, the cardboard POP display design that you use to present and sell your products in stores can make or break your retail success. The multidimensional cardboard displays found in grocery stores, drug stores, big box stores and other retail outlets—often referred to as POP displays—come in many different shapes, sizes, color schemes and designs. Whether shoppers realize it or not, they’re more attracted to certain features in a cardboard display and less attracted to others.


While it would be impossible to attract every potential customer through one in-store cardboard display, there are certain characteristics that are more likely than others to make your display “pop.” Here are a few of the best tips from retail packaging experts on how to make the most of your cardboard POP display:

Think Clean Over Clutter
As you and your design team consider the display possibilities, you may be tempted to combine as many elements as possible to attract as many shoppers as possible. While it’s true that different people are attracted to different things, very few people are attracted to clutter and an overly complex POP display is more likely to turn people away regardless of their preferences. It’s better to think about the types of people who are more likely to want or need your product, cater to them as much as possible, and when in doubt go for a clean and orderly display that allows a focused shelf of products to stand out.

Consider Color/Shape Combos
Most consumers don’t even realize how much of an impact shapes and color combinations have on their purchasing decisions. It all depends on what kind of message you’re trying to send. If you’re trying to give the impression that an edible product has a fruity, citrusy or sugary flavor, for example, you might use a rainbow of colors. A more serious product, such as an over-the-counter medicine, may be better displayed with a simple combination of two bold colors. You can also use the shape of your display to give an impression of softness or ruggedness, for example, or even remind people of the shape of the product itself.

Trust a Design Expert
If you are planning on using this type of Point of Purchase Display to show off your wares in stores, you may think that you and your in-house team have what it takes to come up with a great design. How hard can it be, after all? The fact is that it can actually be very difficult to create a powerful and commercially effective display that stands the test of time and ultimately contributes to the strength of your brand. If you have a highly experienced designer on board who is dedicated to optimizing your displays and packaging to appeal to your target audience in stores, great! If not, consider investing in a little outside help from Creative Displays Now. A seasoned design professional will know what’s best for your cardboard POP display design.


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