Top 5 Ways to Improve Customer Experience with In-Store Displays

There are many ways to improve the retail experience for your customers, but in store displays might just be one of the fastest, easiest, most convenient and affordable ways to make customers happy – and ultimately increase revenue. The layout and design of your store should serve as a salesperson, bringing customers’ attention to the products they likely want and need that can also bring the highest returns. When used successfully, though, customers should never hear this salesperson. Your creative displays and product placements are more like silent salespeople that lead customers to make buying decisions they feel good about. When your customers feel good in your store and happy with their purchases, they’re more likely to spend more and return again and again.


Here are five simple ways to use product displays to improve the customer experience in your store:

  1. Attract Attention with Color
    There are several ways that retailers can use color to attract customers’ attention in a positive way. Solid blocks of color will grab the most attention for the products you want customers to focus on, and the brighter the better. Also make sure all of your brightly colored displays are prominently placed in well-lit areas so customers see those colors popping.
  2. Don’t Talk Too Much with Text
    There are inevitably messages you will want to send to your shoppers with your displays, but too many words can actually get in the way and clutter the display, or at the very least they are likely to be ignored. Remember, your displays are like silent salespeople, and too much text can make customers feel as if they’re being yelled at. A good rule of thumb is to see if the entire text of your display can be read before you would naturally stop to blink. If it can’t, it’s too much.
  3. Follow the Foot Traffic
    Chances are that some areas of your store are constantly filled with customers, while others are often deserted. The most highly trafficked areas should, not surprisingly, receive the most attention when it comes to in store displays. Make sure to change displays in these areas every week or so. The result will be happier customers who might even be excited to return to your store and see what’s changed and what’s new.
  4. Think about Themes
    Placement of displays should not be random; they should be grouped together to feature products that go together. Not only does this create a sense of unity, it also draws customers’ attention to products they would naturally add on to other products. All it takes is a little thought about what people buy together and the themes should fall into place.
  5. Use Lighting to Highlight
    In addition to using bright colors, it’s also important to use lighting to draw people’s attention to certain products. If you’re going to take the time to install creative displays and change them every week, it would be a waste to have them hidden in dull lighting. So make sure all your most prominent displays are highlighted with accent lights that improve the overall visual experience.


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