Sharpen Your CPG Retail Strategy With Retail Displays

The CPG industry is evolving in response to unprecedented changes in shopping behaviors, the economy and the global supply chain. While the CPG industry is often slow to adapt compared to other sectors, the rapid pace at which top CPG companies adjust to new trends demonstrates how that attitude is shifting. Now, CPG brands recognize that they must act quickly to retain their market share as e-commerce continues to grow.

The rise of e-commerce is changing the way shoppers buy, shifting expectations for the supply chain, too. Consumers expect both stores and e-commerce sites to be in stock all the time and will always be on the hunt for the fastest way to get the items they need. Thus, CPGs need to streamline and accelerate their supply chains.

Meanwhile, the growing number of sustainable CPG products and their high sales performance shows that shoppers are voting with their dollars and expect CPG brands to demonstrate environmental stewardship. To keep pace, CPG manufacturers need to consider sustainable packaging and merchandising materials alongside more sustainable operations and business practices.

The changing retail landscape often means new competition online and in-stores. DTC startups are finally entering physical retail, and established CPGs are innovating new ways to compete. Sustainable brands are also gaining the upper hand on store shelves. With more competition, brands like yours need a winning CPG marketing strategy for brick-and-mortar retail. That’s where CPG retail displays come in.

What Is a CPG Retail Display?

A retail display is any visual element that helps your product stand out in stores. They include small signs hanging off the shelves, large pallet displays and everything in between. They feature a visually pleasing array of products against eye-popping graphics on the display itself. Most are temporary, made from corrugated cardboard and meant to last just a few months. Others may last for a year or more and feature more permanent materials such as metal, wood and plastic.

CPG brands and product merchandisers commission point-of-purchase (POP) displays and propose them to retailers. When a retailer accepts the proposal, the brand gains a prominent display of products outside their designated shelf space or makes their shelf space stand out with special signage.

Why Do Retailers and CPG Brands Use Displays?

Retailers and CPG brands both gain tremendously from using temporary POP displays as part of their in-store marketing strategy. Some reasons the retail industry uses displays include:

  • Achieving sales lift: The top reason for creating POP displays for 30% of CPG brands is to increase short-term sales. Brand representatives also say that, on average, a temporary display increases sales by 23.8%. Retail displays are eye-catching and particularly effective at encouraging impulse buys, which drive much of the market for low-cost, high-turnover CPG products.
  • Introducing new products: New and established CPG brands can use retail displays to differentiate a new product during its initial launch. Displays help shoppers realize that a new product is available and convince them to switch brands or try something new.
  • Educating customers on products: Some shoppers may not immediately look at a product and know what it’s for or who could benefit from it. A retail display can quickly highlight a product’s benefits and how to use it. A creative concept could showcase several products, with graphics describing who each product is intended for. Both retailers and CPGs benefit from educating shoppers on unfamiliar products when they’re ready to purchase.

How Creative Displays Now! Can Help

Creative Displays Now! can prototype and manufacture custom retail displays on a tight timeline. We’re a one-stop shop for companies that need a fast, turnkey solution fit for top CPG brands. We understand retailers’ requirements, so we can create something 100% custom that your retail partners will approve. Since our primary material is cardboard, our solutions are 100% recyclable and often made with post-consumer fibers.

Make your products stand out and watch them fly off the shelves with custom POP displays from Creative Displays Now! To get started, request your free estimate on custom retail displays or promotional packaging today.

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