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Bring a sense of adventure to your gear counter display. If you run an outdoor gear shop (or if you’ve ever shopped at one) you know that often, it’s what you don’t buy that can be the difference between a fabulous trip and a complete nightmare. Forgetting to pick up an extra carabineer can squash the chances to climb. On the flip side, finding an item at the last second in the checkout line that combines several pieces of gear into one could mean eliminating the need to buy several heavy items that add extra weight to a pack. What’s the secret of successful outdoor stores? Two words: counter displays. Read on to learn more.

Cardboard Counter Display

You Can Take It With You!
When shopping for outdoor gear, it’s the little things that matter. We highly recommend that you fill your cardboard counter display with smaller, portable items that aren’t on most people’s list, but offer undeniable convenience. A counter display is the place for miniature flashlights, 5-in-1 tools, energy bars, and even indestructible water bottles. The most successful displays will also list, in bullet-point format (since these shoppers are already in line and don’t have much time to make a decision), the benefits of each product you have out.

  • How long does the item last?
  • Is it weather-resistant?
  • Does it require batteries? (If so, be sure to place some right next to the product for a one-stop-shopping experience).

Choose Your Own Adventure
When revamping your counter displays, it’s important to organize products. Clearly indicate which products are for which sport or activity by including a vibrant, glossy photograph of the activity. And keep in mind your audience. A game hunter is probably not going to need gloves for rock climbing, but they may love a bright orange baseball cap. Organizing your displays appropriately in each department is key.

Retail Counter Display

Name Recognition
If you’re selling and stocking an especially popular brand or item, be sure to clearly indicate so on your display. This not only helps customers find what they’re looking for more quickly, but it can also encourage them to try something they’ve heard hyped up. If there are smaller versions or sizes of a popular item, (like a pack of fishing hooks instead of a complete tackle box) the counter is the place for them. It’s also a great place to put your “trial size” items — customers can’t resist! Besides, if they realize they’ve forgotten something while waiting in line, you risk them just abandoning their entire cart altogether rather than having to get out of line, shop, and wait all over again.

Gear displays don’t have to be homogenous and boring — an outdoor adventure is full of the unexpected. Bring that experience to life in your counter displays.

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