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How to Get Creative with Cardboard Ballot Boxes and Raffle Drums

There are a number of creative things you can do with cardboard ballot boxes and raffle drums. Depending on the type of box or drum, these decorative accessories can be used in a variety of settings, from school elections to workplace break rooms to hospital waiting rooms to charitable balls. But where to begin? If you’re at a loss for ideas, the following step-by-step guide will help you and your team design the perfect creative ballot boxes, donation receptacles, raffle drums, or suggestion boxes. Keep reading to learn more.

Consider Your Event
The design of your box will depend on the type of event you’re holding, any specific theme that is being used in the décor or promotion of that event, or the simple location of the box. If you are using a suggestion box to engage customers, for example, it would be helpful if the colors and font mirrored the colors and font used throughout the store and in other branded materials. If you’re using a raffle drum to raise money at a charitable event, on the other hand, the design may complement the décor of the evening or match the colors used to represent that cause. Pink raffle drums and donation boxes would be ideal for events raising funds and awareness for breast cancer charities, for example.
Cardboard Ballot Box

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