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How to Design an Award-Winning POP Display

how to design an award winning pop display

In today’s retail environment, point of purchase (POP) displays are a crucial tool for driving sales and brand awareness. But with so many products on the market, how do you design a display that will stand out?

In this article, we’ll share tips on creating an award-winning POP display. From materials and branding to layout and packaging, we’ll share everything you need to know to create a display that grabs attention and makes sales. Continue reading “How to Design an Award-Winning POP Display”

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The Benefits of Using Corrugated Cardboard for Custom Displays

benefits of using cardboard for custom displays

You’re working on a point-of-purchase display for your products, and you want to make sure the result is durable, eye-catching and organizes the items to sell. Corrugated cardboard is a simple material with many features and practical uses that make it a desirable choice.

The benefits of corrugated cardboard displays are mainly related to how easy this material is to work with for manufacturers and retailers.

Table of Contents:

  1. Affordable
  2. Quickly Manufactured
  3. Easy to Assemble
  4. Durable
  5. Easy to Transport
  6. Eco-Friendly
  7. Appealing to Customers
  8. Versatile
  9. Lightweight
  10. Agile
  11. Customizable

Note: Many people use the term “cardboard” when referring to corrugated materials for shipping or displays. Technically, cardboard refers to a thick paper stock, and corrugated materials include outer liners with fluting in the middle. In this article, we use both terms to refer to the thick corrugated fiberboard used to create durable displays.

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Designing Displays Around Walmart Packaging Requirements

designing displays for walmart

Creative Displays Now has been creating point-of-purchase displays that go into Walmart and other national retailers for over 60 years. It’s critical to consider how Walmart floor display requirements might affect your product shipments. Arming yourself with more details about these standards can help you understand the basics and learn the steps you should take to prepare to sell your products at this major retailer.

Table of Contents:

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6 Things You Need for Retail-Ready Packaging

6 things you need for retail ready packaging

Anyone in the world of retail knows all the factors that go into curating an exceptional customer experience. Small details like the music played over the speakers and the layout of the shelves and clothing racks set the customer’s journey in motion, often unbeknownst to the consumer themselves. From the type of flooring to the brightness of the lights and even how a store smells are frequently conscious decisions retailers make to entice window shoppers and convert them into buyers.

These same rules and standards apply to retail packaging. Regardless of how effective or unique your product is, if your packaging message falls flat, so will your sales.

Whatever industry you’re in, you have competitors, and all of them are vying for the same target audience as you. New merchandisers and creators are making their way into the market, and if your packaging doesn’t catch your audience’s attention, they’ll go for the brand that does. This makes retail packaging design more important than ever.

In this article, you’ll learn six elements you need to create retail-ready packaging (RRP) that can transform your sales. We cut out the guesswork and break down the essential do’s and don’ts of curating an unforgettable and powerful display that can influence consumers and turn your brand into a household name.

From defining retail-ready packaging to delivering a simple, easy-to-follow formula for creating your next design, you’ll learn how to stand out from the competition and make your mark in the retail space.

Table of Contents:

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Types of Retail Store Layouts

Types of retail store layouts

Choosing the right store floor plan can have a profound effect on the way customers navigate the store, interact with your merchandise and whether they decide to purchase any products. Both drawing up a retail store design from scratch and revamping an existing store layout require a basic understanding of the retail store layout options available to you.

Table of Contents:

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