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The Best Ways to Optimize Your Checkout Counter Space

best ways to optimize your checkout counter space

Checkout counters are a valuable area in the retail industry. Customers who enter the line are already preparing to make purchases, leading to a prime opportunity for securing an additional sale. How can you optimize a store’s counter space to sell more of your products?

Learn about the best ways to optimize a checkout space and convert more customers into loyal buyers below.

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Interactive Displays Can Be Real Game Changers for Your Company

The ever-increasing popularity of mobile devices and electronic personal assistants has led to a minor revolution in the marketing field. Interactive marketing displays are providing consumers with added ways to access information, allowing marketers to increase engagement with these potential customers in a fun and educational way. These innovative marketing tools can provide the added boost needed to help your products break through and enjoy success in the competitive marketplace. Here are four key elements to ensure greater market saturation with your digital signage and interactive product displays.

Interactive Endcap Display
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Exploring Creativity at Comic-Con 2015

This year’s Comic-Con convention featured some of the biggest names in movies, television and print entertainment to include a full array of superheroes that made a splash with fans. The highly creative floor displays being used to promote movies and comic books in this elite venue, however, may truly be the unsung heroes of Comic-Con 2015. While tech giants like Best Buy have typically dominated the floor and booth displays in previous years, some stand-outs have made an impact that far outlived their stay on the convention floor.

Crowd-Pleasers at Comic-Con 2015
Some of the most popular displays and exhibits this year were based on amazing games, reboots of classic comedy movies and shout-outs to current and former mega-hits in the entertainment field:

The upcoming reboot of Ghostbusters spawned a good deal of interest in the all-new proton pack designs on display at Comic-Con.

Ghost Busters Display
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Top 7 Cardboard Displays for Kids’ Toys

Do you rely on cardboard displays to sell toys and other products for children in a retail space? As a toy company or toy store, you know you need to market to both the purchasers (the parents or guardians) and the end-users (the kids). There are many different ways to display toys in a retail setting, though, and they might not all be right for your particular needs. Some displays are more appropriate for the aisles, or the endcaps, or the point of purchase area, for example. Whether you’re promoting a birthday special, new toy release, seasonal toys, accessories, or anything else, you should check out the following display ideas and see how they might fit into your current marketing needs.

  1. Cardboard Counter Displays
    Counter displays are perfect for the small “impulse buy” – toys, gift items and other kids’ products are items you might consider displaying at the point of purchase area.
  2. Cardboard Floor Displays
    Cardboard floor displays might be used near the entrance or exit, close to sales counters or around the aisles of a store to show off new toys, seasonal items or any particular products you want to promote during the current month or season. With the holiday season upon us, it’s the perfect time to take advantage of these types of displays.
  3. Pallet Displays
    As the name pallet displays implies, these displays resemble a pallet in size and shape, but they can vary from corrugated full pallets to half-pallet floor displays. These may be the perfect solution in cases of a display that you might want to move around your space in effort to freshen it up half way through a season. Moving the entire display on a pallet will likely be much easier than breaking down and reassembling the entire set up.
  4. Retail Signage & Display Signs
    If you just have an event, sale, promotion or any other information you want to share with customers, consider creative display signage that can help you get the point across with strikingly bold colors and eye-catching graphics.
  5. End Cap & Power Wing Displays
    When displaying products near the endcaps or power wings of a retail space, these specially designed end cap cardboard displays are the perfect fit.
  6. Cardboard Brochure Holders & Literature Displays
    Whether you’re selling children’s books or trying to get information out to the purchasers (i.e. adults), these custom corrugated cardboard brochure holders can be designed to hold any brochures or books you are selling.
  7. In-Store Displays for Club Stores
    If you’re trying to sell toys or children’s products in a club store, you may want to consider extra-sized pallet displays, double-endcap displays or other in-store displays designed specifically for the big-box environment.

If you still don’t think you see the right kind of display for what you have in mind, also remember that you can always design and commission a custom display design to perfectly suit your needs. A little creativity goes a long way when you’re selling toys.


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