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Five Out-of-the-Box Counter Displays Shoppers Simply Can’t Ignore

A counter display can say a little or say a lot, and in all honesty, it probably isn’t using any words at all. The most important aspect of an effective point-of-purchase display is that it attracts attention with an eye-catching design. So how do vendors and retailers make their products stand out at the sales counter? To give you an idea, here are five examples of “out-of-the-box” counter displays that grab attention from even the busiest and most distracted shopper.

Clever Holiday Displays for St. Patty’s Day
With the recent St. Patrick’s Day holiday, we saw lots of posters and displays with shades of green and images of leprechauns and four-leaf clovers. Some retailers have found ways to tie this holiday that celebrates the patron saint of Ireland into the products they’re selling. This includes a home and garden supplier that decorated its store and decked out its countertop displays with vibrant greens and yellows for “Daisy Days” the same weekend, tying flowers and springtime in with the holiday.

Collectible Memorabilia Displays
There are a lot of collectors out there. When you display your products to highlight how each individual one is part of a collection, dedicated collectors are more likely to want them all. We’ve seen this in a display for a series of collectible glasses featuring Indiana Jones, for example, in which each glass was one in a set of four.
Cardboard Counter Display

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Learn How Vendors are Courting Pet Owners with Point-of-Purchase Displays

When you think of cardboard counter displays, what comes to mind? Do you think of things like gum, candy, magazines, DVDs, and gift cards? Or do you think of pet food? Chances are, most consumers think of the former list of products when conjuring up an image of the cardboard displays commonly found at the point of purchase. We see these every time we go to the grocery store, and recently it’s becoming more common to even find them at office supply and electronic stores checkouts. But what about pet stores? There are countless people who consider their dogs, cats, and other pets to be part of the family, and they regularly shop at specialty stores such as PetSmart. So how are vendors courting these pet owners? With cleverly designed and placed counter displays, for starters. Keep reading to see how they’re doing it.

Point-of-Purchase Displays to Court Dog Owners
Dogs are often said to be “man’s best friend,” and people of all ages, races, genders, income levels, and walks of life agree. Just look at the sheer number of dog parks dedicated to Fido. And how many restaurants now allow dog owners to bring their four-legged friends along? Now vendors are using counter displays to reach pup owners in many new and unexpected ways.

Petsmart Floor Display 2

While dog food may be too bulky to display at the point of purchase, there are many products such as chews, treats, and toys that work perfectly in this setting. And remember, your products don’t always have to be on the counter – they can also be next to it. A recent counter display for Dentley’s “Nature’s Chews” featured in PetSmart stores utilizes the floor space next to the counter to showcase an ample supply of chews from the floor up to arm-level.

Point-of-Purchase Displays to Court Cat Owners
Just because dogs are “man’s best friend” doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of cat lovers out there. All you need to do is browse the most popular videos on the Internet to know that we collectively love our feline friends. And since cats are often smaller than dogs, many of the products designed for them are ideal for displaying at the point of purchase.

Aside from the typical treats and toys, vendors can even find great success displaying pet food at the counter. While cat owners often walk into a store knowing what brand they typically buy, displaying new products at the point of purchase provides an opportunity to try a can or two of something they wouldn’t normally buy. Just look at a recent display for small cans of Royal Canin cat food as an example. This display works perfectly at the point of purchase, with options for cats of all ages.

Cat Food Counter Display

With so many cardboard counter displays to choose from, and so many pet owners to market to, are you ready to showcase your products to the dog and cat owners waiting to buy them?

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How to Keep Your Corrugated POP Displays Fresh

Corrugated POP displays typically promote products that a retailer believes customers will be tempted to buy before leaving a store. Whether it’s an impulse purchase or something customers need but may have forgotten, these little extras certainly add up for retailers. You can display virtually any products in corrugated cardboard units, from toys and electronics to books and DVDs to cases of beer and wine to pretty much anything else you can think of. You can place displays anywhere from the cash register countertop of a boutique shop to the point of purchase area in a big box store. For retail merchandisers, store designers and small business owners, the key to success with any in-store display is keeping things fresh.


So, make sure to mix up the types of POP displays you use, the products you’re promoting and the placement you chose in the point of sale area. Here are your basic options to choose from – mix and match wisely and preferably on a monthly or quarterly basis to keep your point of purchase displays as fresh as possible. At the very least, if you can’t change displays as often as you should, take advantage of the seasonal times of the year, when it’s easy to use themed-displays to really catch your customers’ eyes and get them in the mood to spend the extra dollars. Creativity can go a long way here, and it will pay for itself in the additional revenue you generate.

Countertop Displays
If you want to promote small gifts or impulse buys, cardboard countertop displays are the ideal type of display for the task. You can also use these cardboard counter displays to introduce new products to the public without the high costs of other advertising methods. Every time someone glances over at the display racks, they will be introduced to that product in a more tangible way than they may have by simply seeing it in an advertisement.

Floor Displays
If you have larger items you want to promote near the checkout stands, cardboard floor displays may be the perfect solution. When placing cardboard floor displays near the point of sale area, it’s important to make sure they offer a unique structural design and creative graphics that will catch customers’ attention – ultimately encouraging them to make the purchase.

Retail Signage
In addition to corrugated POP displays that market impulse buys, gift items and new products to customers at the point of sale area, you may also want to use retail signs to help promote a message or inform customers about upcoming promotions, sales and events. Choose from aisle violators, case cards, hanging signs, pallet wraps, standees and more to get your point across.

And remember, with the right creative graphics and designs, your corrugated POP displays can do double-duty. Even if customers don’t purchase the product that day, you may find you’re surprised at the lasting impact these displays could have, perhaps translating into a sale at a future visit to your store.


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