Corrugated Display Manufacturers: How to Choose the Right Company?

Corrugated displays are undeniably amazing tools for selling in retail spaces. They help attract attention, set products apart from the competition, and ultimately, if they’re well-designed, can move product. 

But how do you know: 

  • If you’re ordering a “good” display? 
  • If you’re getting what you pay for? 
  • If you’re selecting something that will last, with on-brand colors and quality imagery? 
  • If you’re going to end up with something that’s sturdy and durable and will protect your products?

First and foremost, you need to make sure you’re working with reputable corrugated display manufacturers. We understand…finding corrugated display companies who produce high-quality, premium displays can be tricky. That’s why we put together this list, to help you find a display company that’s known for their craftsmanship and quality work. So before you order your first (or next) display, be sure the display company you’re partnering with holds the same values and pride in their work that you do in yours.

Top 5 Features of Good Corrugated Display Companies

  • In-House Experts: There is a time and place that outsourcing makes sense, but when your display company is sending your project off-site to be designed, manufactured and assembled, they (and you) risk losing control of the final outcome. Companies that invest in hiring experts to assist with production have a better chance of ensuring quality results. Experts also can ease the stress you may experience as you’ll have a qualified, knowledgeable, experienced partner to help you along the way. 
  • US-based Manufacturing: Display companies who manufacture on-site or at various locations across the US can better control time, cost and quality. You want your project completed on time and on spec. And the chance of that happening increases when you work with a company that understands the importance of quality control. Also, it’s important to look for a display company that owns and operates their own corrugator. 
  • Printing Capability: It goes without saying that high-quality printing is a must when it comes to a display that sells. Seek out a company that’s capable of offering more than one option for your printing. Ideally, you would want the choice between litho laminating, flexography (or flexo) or digital printing. Find a company that understands the importance of printing and has the experience in color management to really print and deliver a superior product.  
  • Prototyping Capability: Not all display companies give you the opportunity to try before you buy. Prototype services are important so you can see and approve your display before the manufacturing process begins. A physical, full colored prototype of your display is invaluable.
  • Distribution Services: Good corrugated display companies understand that the last step of the process is distribution, and they know this is the most important step of all. A great display company will offer you hand packing and assembly as well as product distribution. 

Finding a display company you can trust doesn’t have to be hard. Understanding the differences between what each can offer is the first step towards working with someone who can see your vision and execute a beautiful, striking, high-quality display that will hold and sell your products.

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