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At Creative Displays Now, we love creating the perfect blend of function, professionalism and impeccable branding when we make displays for our customers. It’s always our goal to exceed not only our clients’ expectations, but more importantly, to surpass our own. This month, we’re excited to highlight our featured Customer of the Month, the go-to company of guitar/bass strings and accessories, Ernie Ball. When we partnered with them, we wanted to create a product that rocks as much as they do!

Printed Displays for Ernie Ball Guitar Strings

Played by world-famous musicians like Keith Richards and Paul McCartney, Ernie Ball is dedicated to using the best possible technology and methodology to create sounds that reverberate loudly enough to leave a lasting impression on audience members. We created a custom display for Ernie Ball that does the same.

Using the brand’s trademark funky font and bright, in-your-face colors of lime green, black, white and pink, we designed and built a small display box that allows them to sort and hold three different types of Ernie Ball’s most popular strings for sale.

On the left hand side, there is a home for the Original Slinky string, which ranks as the world’s #1 guitar string (no pressure). In the center, we created the perfect space to house the Slinky Cobalt String, which is responsible for creating the super-smooth sound you probably recognize from many of your favorite artists. Finally, the right pocket is home to the Slinky M-Steel string, which focuses on creating maximum volume. We used alternating colors so that customers could easily tell the difference between the three string options, and built extra-thick, sturdy dividers so that the small packages would not tip over and get mixed in with the other options.

Custom Counter Displays

The packaging is also super lightweight, in keeping with the delicate nature of the strings, and the display’s compact size allows it to fit anywhere: on top of a register, on the front display table or even resting on a stool next to a wall full of guitars.

The display is versatile, just like Ernie Ball’s products. They don’t just sell guitar strings; they also supply front men and women with guitar straps in vibrant patterns and colors, pedals, guitar picks, peg winders, slides and a plethora of the hardware and tools that help you tune up and take care of your guitar. Bonus? For the musician-in-training in your family, Ernie Ball is also a vendor of playing instruction books. So revamp your garage, make a recording studio in your bedroom and tap into your inner Eric Clapton (who, by the way, is also an enormously famous client of Ernie Ball’s.) No matter what you need to bring the house down, Ernie Ball has got you covered. And Creative Displays Now has got your company covered when it comes to creating eye-catching, on-trend, durable and brand-centric creations to house and show off your products.

Printed Cardboard Product Displays

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