Get Ready for Spring Sales with a Creative Easter Display Plan

As the seasons change and we get further into spring, we all know we’re about to see cardboard displays promoting seasonal products centered on Easter. It seems everything from fake grass and Easter baskets to chocolate eggs and fluffy bunny toys take over retail environments. This happens every year. Companies such as PAAS, makers of “the original Easter egg dye,” have already launched their Easter promotions. For vendors, now is the time to prepare for your Easter promotions and seasonal springtime displays. Here are a few tips to help make sure you aren’t caught off guard at the last minute.

Cardboard Store Displays

Choose Your Theme
A well-planned seasonal display will attract attention, make people feel good, and fit in with your company’s overall brand identity. Choosing a theme, including specific images and colors, will help achieve these goals in stores. A good theme will be simple, effective, and easy to modify and repeat within a variety of retail settings. Whether you’re using cartoon animals, photographic images of children painting eggs, or just a basic set of graphics set on a pastel color pallet, just make sure it’s consistent and not overcrowded.

Design Your Displays
With a theme in mind, you’ll find it easier to design your displays (or hire an outside consultant to do it). The structural design team at Creative Displays Now can also help with the design process, bringing to the table their years of experience in stores such as Target, Costco, Best Buy and many other successful stores.

Order Your Supplies
Once your team has finished designing your Easter cardboard displays, packaging, and other printed materials, it’s time to place your order. Creative Displays Now offers a prototype service so you can see your displays and packages in full color before your order is finalized. Just make sure to choose the printing options that best suit your needs and budget, from lithography to flexography to digital printing.

Develop an In-Store Plan
One of the main reasons to get started and place your order as soon as possible is to give your team more time to develop an in-store plan. You should have a date set for delivery of the supplies, and another date set for installing the displays in-stores, and yet another date for taking the displays down once Easter or spring is over (depending on the nature of your display). Your plan should also include specifications for the layout of each retail environment so your team is ready to set things up before arriving at each location.

As you can see, there are several steps that vendors should be taking now to prepare for Easter promotions. There are also many unique and creative cardboard display ideas that your team can incorporate into your plan, whether you come up with them on your own or need a bit of help. Your focus now should be on preparing and ordering your displays and other supplies, because spring is around the corner and Easter is going to be here before we know it.

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