Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Holiday Retail Display Design?

It’s never too early to start planning your holiday retail displays. This season, instead of following the latest design trends, why not start a trend of your own to ensure you stand out from the crowd?

Check out our Top 5 Trusted & Favorite Holiday Retail Display Ideas, guaranteed to get your store some major foot traffic and convince your existing customers to add more than just a few extra items to their holiday shopping carts.

TIP #1: Keep It Fresh
No matter what holiday you’re celebrating, you already know that the items you’re selling need to be consistent with the season. You know you’re not going to display tons of red and green items for Easter.

Cardboard Holiday Displays

But what you may not have considered is that the items you sell should be the newest items in your store. Customers aren’t going to be fooled by a custom retail floor display that’s showing off items you’ve already had in your store for months, no matter how many string lights and sprigs of holly you decorate with.

THE LESSON: Make sure you’re showing off your newest arrivals, not the back stock you’ve been trying to unload for months. Major clearance sales are for AFTER the holidays!

TIP #2: Location, Location, Location
It’s a well-known fact: many people use holiday shopping as an excuse to toss in a little something extra for themselves when they’re shopping for others. Encourage this buying behavior by placing customized Point-of-Purchase (POP) retail displays eye-level, near the cash register, or at the end of aisles so customers can spot these items when they’re searching for what they actually came to buy. Since individual items like lipsticks, ornaments, boxes of chocolate, or holiday cards work best, you might also consider arranging items in a festive way. For example, on Valentine’s Day, you can make sure the products you feature are red or pink in color, and arrange them in the shape of a heart. And for Christmas, you can stack bottles in the shape of a fir tree!

Christmas Beer Display

THE LESSON: The possibilities are endless, not to mention social-media ready, essentially giving you free advertising.

TIP #3: Keep the Lights On
Remember that, during any holiday season, people are out and about at all hours. Don’t lose potential customers by shutting off the lights or covering your display during the hours when your store is closed. Get some energy-efficient string lights and ring your windows or displays in them, so you can save on electricity costs without losing customers.

THE LESSON: Make those displays work for you even when you’re not at work!

TIP #4: Save Them Time
When the holiday season first starts, wrapping presents can be fun, building anticipation and excitement for what’s to come. But, by about the fiftieth present, nobody wants to tape down ends or tie bows anymore. Show your customers you care about their time by offering several pre-wrapped items in your POP displays.

THE LESSON: Customers will appreciate any time you can save them during the busy holiday season. Exceed their expectations and they’ll reward you with loyalty, often coming back for last minute gifts.

TIP #5: Make It Immersive
One thing often overlooked in the creation of holiday displays? Music. You don’t have to play seasonal music 24/7, but everyone loves hearing “The Monster Mash” at Halloween time. Plus, it will really get your customers in the mood to shop, and call attention to specific displays relating to the holiday.

THE LESSON: Festive and fun are the name of the game. Your customers may not have come in to buy those stocking stuffers, but there’s nothing that puts shoppers in the mood to spend like a sweet rendition of “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” can.

Now that your creative juices are flowing, start dreaming up your best-ever holiday retail display. Feel free to show us what you come up with!

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