Do POP and POS Displays Work?

We know you’ll do everything possible to strengthen your business and find better ways to show off some of your favorite products.

Still, with point of purchase display companies on the rise and vying to work with you, you’ve probably asked yourself, “Do point-of-purchase and point-of-sale displays actually increase sales?

It’s a fair question, and one we want to address in this post by giving you the facts that speak to the strengths of these displays. Even the most discerning of shoppers can’t help but be influenced by strong product displays – whether they know it or not.

POS Display - Point of Sale Display

Making The Point
You’ve probably seen Point of Sale displays in gas stations, popular coffee shops, and even in bookstores. Basically, they are smaller retail displays of usually more affordable, “everyday” (or at least well-known) items located in or around the checkout area. The difference between Point of Sale and Point of Purchase is just the perspective – the customer makes a “purchase,” while the store makes a “sale.”

So, do POS displays work?

In short, oh yes. Why? One main reason is because in today’s increasingly digital world, these displays are now able to do the work store associates used to have to do. Displays help to quickly inform a customer about a product, and since no one has approached them in a “sales pitchy” way, they feel as though they’ve made the choice to buy a product themselves, not that it’s been forced onto them by a sales rep. They don’t need to know our secret.

POP Display - Point of Purchase Display

Further Points
How do POP displays work further? They also help to increase impulse buying, a significant source of revenue in today’s market. Plus, they’re incredibly cost-efficient for stores, especially when compared to a typical advertising budget. According to an article in the Harvard Business Review, “Reaching 1,000 adults through a 30-second network television commercial costs $4.05 to $7.75, the cost per thousand for a store merchandiser or a sign with a one-year life is only 3 cents to 37 cents.”

Plus, by tailoring the products you show off in your displays to what you know the customers who shop in your store will like, you’re only increasing your profits.

Driving The Point Home
Another great option to get rid of excess inventory or simply help customers locate your store’s most popular items faster? Use a retail end cap display, like these examples of grocery store end caps. Not only are they eye-catching and a sleek, efficient way for stores to organize their merchandise, they can also be placed strategically throughout the store to drive up sales. For example, place a battery end cap display near the electronics section, so customers simply toss them in their cart – all the while thinking how smart they are that they remembered to buy batteries for their new device. *wink, wink*

Endcap Display

Now that we’ve got you convinced, start dreaming up your own POP and POS displays for your own store and products. Get in touch with us today to make those dreams a reality!

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