Success Story: 3M Quarter Pallet Display

Note: Our “Success Stories” are a series of postings about displays and packaging that we produced with exceptional results for our customers. We share these to inspire new ideas for your retail display and packaging projects.


  • Design a quarter pallet display specifically for tax time to fit into office/business retail
  • Create an identifiable structural and graphic presence that invites investigation
  • Get maximum product load in the footprint and ensure shoppability

What We Did

  • Created a file cabinet theme to attract attention and enhance placement
  • Layered waterfall drawers to maximize product load and keep product highly visible and accessible
  • Engineered pillow-core door fronts with drawer glides to encourage interaction


  • The product assortment and display placement exceeded customer sales plan
  • Overall performance was one of the best of the promotional season with double-digit growth over similar quarter-pallet displays
  • Retailer wants to repeat the promotional effort and explore other custom retail display opportunities


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