Top 3 Examples of Simple but Effective Retail Displays

In the world of retail, creative displays can be the name of the game. Everything from size, to placement, to what product you showcase can affect your overall profit. Knowing not only what to display, but also how to best display it, is important. And, like most things in business, you need to weigh the cost factor. Is bigger and fancier and showier always the best route? Not necessarily. Sometimes, it’s the simple things that get the job done.

Check out our top 3 fave simple but effective retail displays that we recommend for 2018.

Simple display #1:  The pallet display
From clothing to cat food, the pallet display is the ultimate in simply-designed displays. Completely customizable, you can modify everything from the shape and size to the wrap and messaging. And they’re available with merchandiser trays and interior support structures when you need something heavy duty. If you have a product to display, you can pretty much count on it looking brilliant on a pallet display. And the best part is pallet displays can even be stocked and shipped ready to go. From warehouse to store floor, ready to sell. The pallet display might just be our favorite display option.

Retail Pallet Display
Retail Pallet Display

WHY DO WE LOVE THEM? Pallet displays are practical in design without being over the top. They’re also great for a wide-variety of items, but still easily customizable.

Simple display #2: The endcap display
Want to take advantage of those high-traffic areas in your shoppers’ paths? Like pallet displays, endcap displays are totally customizable can be a real game-changer in terms of impulse buys. You can design them as half pallet configurations or floor displays. They can come with hardware for hanging items, or shelves for a streamlined, sharp look that’s attention-grabbing and easy to keep stocked. Combine them with premium signage, and you’ve got a retail display that really sells.

Retail Endcap Display - Cardboard Endcap
Retail Endcap Display

WHY DO WE LOVE THEM? Endcap displays are the perfect combination of functionality and convenience. They fit well even in the tightest of spaces, so if you don’t have a ton of wide-open areas conducive to huge displays, endcap displays may be the way to go.

Simple display #3: The counter display
Looking for a cost-efficient way to display specific items for sale? Counter displays make it easy with multiple configuration options, so customers can grab loose items or pull from neatly stacked and organized products. Design the perfect display for your POS retail products. Gum, candles, magazines, candy, trinkets, hand sanitizer…the possibilities are endless. Make it convenient for your shoppers with lightweight cardboard counter top displays.

Custom Countertop Display
Retail Counter Display

WHY DO WE LOVE THEM? Consumers are impulsive by nature. There’s really no better way to take advantage of that last-minute desire to grab-and-go than with a counter display. Point of sale purchases have never been so easy!

A bit more about retail displays…A simple 5-step process means you can have a hard-selling retail display on your floor in no time.

  1. Work with an industry expert to design your display.
  2. Review the prototype to ensure your display is both efficient and functional for your needs.
  3. The printing process will execute the design aspects of your display.
  4. Your display will go through the manufacturing process.
  5. The final, and most exciting, phase – distribution! Get ready to set up and start selling!

Whatever style retail display you end up going with, remember that simple does NOT have to mean boring. Custom printing and wraps mean you can design a display that’s eye-catching and functional. Retail displays can be both simple and effective, offering convenience for shoppers who appreciate the grab-n-go aspect of a well-designed display while improving your overall profit. Now we’d say that’s a win-win.

Want more advice or need help deciding which display will give you the most bang for your display-buck? Check out Creative Displays Now or call us at 1-855-284-6922 today. We’d love to help you!

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