What Does Your Display Say About You? Choosing the Right Display for the Job

Creating the right display can be critical to the success of your products in the retail environment and to your branding efforts in the public arena. Your display choices can say a lot about your company and can make a lasting impression on consumers; as a result, it is essential to design and position these marketing tools to best advantage. Understanding the various types of displays and the ways in which they are used can help you achieve a greater degree of visibility and success in marketing your products to consumers.

Retail Display

Types of Retail Displays
Depending on the product, you can select from a number of different retail display options:

Floor display stand units are designed for placement in a store aisle, as a free-standing display near the check-outs or in other areas or the retail environment.
Endcap units are designed specifically for the ends of aisles in grocery stores and other shopping venues.
Power wing displays offer greater versatility and can be used both as endcaps and as stand-alone floor units.
Countertop displays are often used for jewelry, cosmetics and other small items in department stores and other retail outlets. These are also perfect POP options, catching buyers at the checkout portion of their shopping experience, when studies show buyers are more inclined to impulse-buy.
Permanent displays are generally only used for established product lines and can guarantee an advantageous spot for your items within a particular commercial venue.

According to a study conducted by global marketing association POPAI in association with retail research firm Quri, endcaps offer the greatest benefits in terms of increased sales and visibility. Designing an appealing and attractive endcap unit, however, is not enough to achieve the desired results. Ensuring that your products are positioned properly can also have a significant impact on your overall level of commercial success.

Location Is the Key to Success
The end-of-aisle positioning of endcap display units ensures maximum visibility for customers selectively browsing in retail venues. Even if the consumer does not enter the aisle in question, your products can still attract attention from members of your target audiences, allowing you to snag additional sales in these environments. Negotiating an endcap placement, however, can be challenging. In some cases, it may be worthwhile to pursue a spot near the ends of aisles or at the checkout counter to boost visibility and potential sales.

End Cap Display

Special Cases
In the department store environment, the personal service provided by staff members can be an important factor in boosting your sales. Nail polish and other cosmetics, for instance, can be displayed on countertops in the appropriate environment to capture consumers in the market to buy these items. By placing your products atop customer service counters, you can increase the chances that these items will be recommended to consumers in these retail venues.

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