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Types of Retail Store Layouts

Whether you’re just starting to design your store’s floor plan, or if you’re completely revamping your current store, you probably have all kinds of questions about the different types of retail floor layouts. We know there’s a lot to think about, so we’ll take you through some of the most common retail store floor plans and highlight the benefits of each one.

Retail Display Layout

Straight Retail Floor Plan
A straight retail floor plan is probably the most recognizable type of layout. Celebrated for its economy of floor space, the straight plan uses store walls, corner spaces, custom retail displays, and other shelving fixtures to maximize every possible selling point on the floor. Straight layouts are also chosen for their ability to work with many different types of floor displays – so you don’t have to select your fixtures according to your floor plan.
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Common Mistakes Made on the Retail Floor & How to Avoid Them

If you only see your store as a “warehouse” or storage unit for your stock, you’re missing out on the incredible marketing and sales opportunities offered by product displays. One of the biggest problems in retail marketing today isn’t poor sales staff or the failure to have a solid Instagram hashtag—it’s actually losing money by overlooking how you display your items. Believe it or not, these simple things can have a real (negative) impact on your sales:

  • Refusing to take into consideration the psychology of color
  • Not thinking about the location of stands and displays
  • Forgetting to take into account how your items look from the street

We’re taking the mystery out of the process—here we’ll explore the do’s and don’ts of in-store merchandising, so you can increase your store’s bottom line through the use of custom retail displays.

Custom Retail Display
Stop Hiding
One of the most common retail mistakes we see over and over: thinking it’s a good idea to hide your hottest items at the back of the store in hopes it will encourage (read: force) customers to unwillingly “browse” through the store to find them. It may seem logical that customers will add items to their cart along the way, but really, all you’re doing is wasting their time and earning their frustration, not their loyalty.
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Blockbuster Floor Display Ideas — Literally!

Looking for new inspiration to spice up your floor displays? Take a cue from the silver screen — Hollywood’s cardboard cutouts of popular characters and set pieces from the latest blockbusters may not be trying to sell physical products, but they still stop people in their tracks.

Cardboard Standee Display

Be a #Trendsetter
Take advantage of the social #selfie trend and create a hashtag for your corrugated displays that encourage shoppers to stop and strike a pose. Not only is this essentially free marketing, but Hollywood’s film displays, many of which now sport their own hashtags, have proven this tactic to be very effective. Social media buzz is all but expected from tech-savvy clientele these days. Not to mention, it’s a great way companies and new brands can get to know their client base — all you have to do is check your hashtag to see what your typical customer looks like. Creating a gimmick or reward attached to posts will encourage people to participate, and the return on investment can be huge! Marketing exposure and brand promotion in exchange for a coupon or some other small token can go a long way.
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Which Retail Toy Display Reigned Supreme?

The holidays are over and 2016 is off and running, and even if you’re slightly relieved that the holiday rush is behind you, it’s always fun to look back. For us, that means remembering which retail toy displays stood out, connected with shoppers, and boosted sales. This year, while Minion toys from the hit movie “Despicable Me” and its sequels still dominated the market, the real standout products were, as everyone expected, the new Star Wars movie. You couldn’t go anywhere without seeing a lightsaber, an action figure of the characters, or even costumes! So, which displays really worked best this holiday season? And what can we all take away from the top retail toy displays?

Cardboard Standee Display Make it Graphic
The most successful retail toy display is always on that’s easy to identify, making it instantly recognizable because it’s branded with the name of the franchise, company or movie it’s associated with. Especially during the holiday season, it’s your job to make it simple for your customers to find that “one toy” that is on the top of their child’s Christmas list. Do this by customizing your display with bright colors and by including popular characters from films in your graphic choice. Also, if you’re selling products based on a film, be sure to incorporate the ideas of the movie in your display — not only is it fun, it also helps parents who might not be 100% sure what they’re shopping for go home with the right toy. For example, if you’re selling lightsabers from Star Wars, you could choose to have your display made to look like the interior of the Death Star, with Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader on either side. Using cardboard cutouts of characters is another easy branding recommendation, and one we noticed a lot of this winter. Continue reading “Which Retail Toy Display Reigned Supreme?”

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Pallet Displays 101: Color, Shape, and Style

If you’re looking to spice up your store layout while also maximizing your use of floor space, creating the perfect display is essential to your success. Whether your store wants to focus on bringing attention to a large stock of a specific item, or if you’re a “Big Box” or warehouse and you’re looking to do an engaging pallet display, the right display can make the difference between the red and a profit.

Get Dressed
One essential part of the right display is the pallet skirt — especially if your focus is less on an elaborate display and more on clearing inventory fast. A pallet skirt is designed to cover the wooden, crate-like pallets that your products sit on top of — but that doesn’t mean they have to be drab. The right graphics, branding, and, as we’ll tell you more about, color, can do the job just as effectively as a custom display.

Cardboard Pallet Skirt

Helpful hint: if you’re selling an item that you know customers might need a bit more information about, consider setting a brochure holder directly next to or in front of your display pallet. That way, customers can read up on a product and buy it all in one go — giving you the advantage over other stores that force customers to do research on their own time. Making your customers feel informed and in control is a big part of what will keep them coming back. Continue reading “Pallet Displays 101: Color, Shape, and Style”

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