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Client of the Month: Bobalu Nuts

We’re always thrilled to share our Client of the Month with our readers. We’d like to introduce you to Bobalu Nuts, a California-based Nonpareil Almond company that roasts almonds in their shells, for that extra infusion of deliciousness. We first heard from Bobalu in October of 2015, and they were up front about the fact that they needed a lot of assistance with both creating and executing an original idea for a floor display — because we were the first custom display company they’d ever worked with!

Custom Cardboard Displays - Bobalu Nuts

We love helping new and developing businesses grow and expand their ideas, and we understand that creating an engaging display for a product is instrumental in its ability to sell. Bobalu Nuts needed to create ideas for grocery store displays that served a few purposes simultaneously:

  • The company wanted to set itself apart from the competition.
  • They wanted to stress that they are a high-end product.
  • They also wanted the ability to ship the display already loaded with packages of Bobalu Nuts.

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Blockbuster Floor Display Ideas — Literally!

Looking for new inspiration to spice up your floor displays? Take a cue from the silver screen — Hollywood’s cardboard cutouts of popular characters and set pieces from the latest blockbusters may not be trying to sell physical products, but they still stop people in their tracks.

Cardboard Standee Display

Be a #Trendsetter
Take advantage of the social #selfie trend and create a hashtag for your corrugated displays that encourage shoppers to stop and strike a pose. Not only is this essentially free marketing, but Hollywood’s film displays, many of which now sport their own hashtags, have proven this tactic to be very effective. Social media buzz is all but expected from tech-savvy clientele these days. Not to mention, it’s a great way companies and new brands can get to know their client base — all you have to do is check your hashtag to see what your typical customer looks like. Creating a gimmick or reward attached to posts will encourage people to participate, and the return on investment can be huge! Marketing exposure and brand promotion in exchange for a coupon or some other small token can go a long way.
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Fight Flu Season with These Must-Haves for Pharmacy Displays

Winter is underway — and that means, unfortunately, so is cold and flu season. Make sure you’re using your pharmacy displays to help your customers get the relief they need quickly, and this year up your sales by adding in some remedies customers may not have tried yet.

Cardboard Pharma Display

Accessibility is Key
The absolute last thing a sick person wants to do is comb through a store in search of the proper medicine. Make customers’ and your employees’ lives easier by using hanging signs in your drug store display. Get creative…you can even customize a sign in the shape of a Claritin pill. You may want to consider putting a large cardboard display of easy-to-take preventatives like Airborne or Emergen-C right at the entrance of your store. It’s also a smart idea to place a register display of travel size or individual packets of these known healers in the checkout line. Plus, by advertising smaller sizes, you’re giving your customers the opportunity to try new medicines and remedies without having to spend for the whole bottle or pack. You’ll be surprised by the differences made in both sales and in customer loyalty.
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Client of the Month: Royal Canin

If your pet is treated like a member of the Royal Family (because let’s face it, sometimes our animals rule our lives in the best way possible), we’re thrilled to introduce you to our Client of the Month, Royal Canin. No matter which breed of dog you have, what dietary needs your pet adheres to, or what brand you’re searching for, Royal Canin caters to your premium pet food needs.

Royal Canin Pet Food Display

Why They Stand Out
At Creative Displays Now, we all feel like our pets are members of our family, and we’re really only interested in working with companies that feel the same way. With over 400 different brands of the highest quality pet food, Royal Canin has everything you need to improve your animal’s health, follow your vet’s suggestions and even treat Fido or Fluffy from time to time! We also appreciate their commitment to fast, simple shipping. Since your pet’s health can’t wait, Royal Canin ships orders placed before four in the afternoon out the same day, in addition to offering complementary one to two day shipping. Did we mention that, in all but three states, Royal Canin doesn’t charge sales tax? We also like that the food ships directly from Royal Canin’s warehouse, so you know you’re getting the freshest pet food for your furry friends, not something that’s been sitting stale on the bottom of a shelf for months.
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