5 Novel Ways to Maximize Your In-Store Displays

Are you having a hard time coming up with new store display ideas to showcase your merchandise? This is understandable. Running a retail operation is demanding. It’s important to make this a priority, though. Studies have shown that people really do decide how long they’re going to stay in a store, what they’re going to buy and how much they’re going to spend based largely on the experience they have with the layout and décor. But keeping your displays fresh doesn’t have to be a source of stress. A few simple strategies and techniques can create outstanding displays that will wow your customer and translate into more purchases being made. It’s often been said that the power of suggestion should not be overlooked. Never has this been truer than it is with how you create and manage displays in your store.


The following guidelines should help you create effective merchandising displays in your store and keep them updated for each new season.

  1. Stand in Your Customer’s Shoes
    While there’s no way you can read the minds of every customer who walks into your store, you undoubtedly have some basic knowledge of your target audience. In addition to standard information such as age range, education level and income, consider the typical behavior and lifestyle of people in your target demographic. What will make them feel at home?
  2. Remember All Five Senses
    It’s possible to engage customers through more than just their sense of sight. Consider how you can engage their sense of sound, smell, taste and touch as well. If you sell food products, try engaging your customers by offering samples for them to snack on. Provide testers to encourage people to pick up and try out products. Playing music and burning candles are additional ways to contribute to the overall affect.
  3. Change Your Displays Frequently
    You should remain in a constant state of curiosity about new ways to increase sales through your in-store displays. Keep looking for new store display ideas and trying them out! People want to see something new whenever they return to a store. New displays will keep people coming back.
  4. Don’t Reinvent the Wheel
    If you’re not feeling inspired, not to worry. You don’t have to come up with a new type of display that no one else has ever done before. It’s perfectly okay to get a little inspiration! Go online and check out message boards, blogs and image sharing websites such as Pinterest to see what’s worked for others. Creativity can be contagious, and even just browsing what others are doing may spark an idea for your space.
  5. Keep it Organized
    Above all else, your in-store displays should be logically placed, evenly spaced and arranged in an organized layout. If people can’t see the displays because the store’s too disorganized, none of the other above guidelines will matter.

Successfully managing your business takes a lot of time. Don’t let the stress of coming up with displays overwhelm you.


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