How Custom Toy Displays Help Sell More Toys

How do custom toy displays sell more toys?

Promoting your toys in a retail environment can be challenging, and you’re constantly searching for ways to make your products stand out. Impulse buying makes up 40-80% of all purchases, and custom toy displays encourage these purchases, improve sales, increase your brand awareness and encourage customers to sample your newest products.

Your toy display requires a strategic approach to give you the desired results, and knowing why they appeal to customers is critical to increasing your sales. With the right toy display ideas and design, you can boost your revenue and let more customers benefit from your products.

Benefits of Toy Displays

Custom toy displays suit a wide variety of toys. A toy display is more than a fun and colorful way of displaying your products. Using them the right way makes them powerful marketing tools. Any toy campaign can benefit from the extra awareness generated by toy display stands, including new products your company wants to push. Some of the many benefits of toy displays include the following:

  • Improving product visibility: Potential customers who walk into a retail store want products they can easily differentiate. Well-designed displays improve your product visibility, making it easy for customers to see what you offer.
  • Increasing brand awareness: Bold, exciting toy displays draw the eye and attract the right kind of attention. Drawing attention to your displays familiarizes people with your brand, whether the customer buys the product or not.
  • Accentuating new items: Custom displays are an excellent tool for getting new items noticed in a frenetic retail environment. They can help you strike a perfect balance between capturing a child’s attention and educating an adult.
  • Encouraging impulse purchases: When customers see a toy in an eye-catching and prominent display, they are likelier to make an unplanned purchase.
  • Improving sales: Unique and colorful toy displays position your product as something children would like and show customers how fun the product could be, making them more likely to buy one.
  • Driving business during seasonal promotions: The holiday season is the best time for new toy sales, and you need people to pick your brand over the others. During the back-to-school season, you can make your educational toys stand out. Your outdoor toys can capture buyers’ attention in the spring and summer months.
  • Appealing to the right target audiences: You can customize your display with colors and designs that appeal to a specific audience, allowing the customers who benefit the most increased access to your products.

How Toy Displays Can Boost Revenue

There is something special about a physical store — 40% of people spend more money than they planned to in a physical store compared to 25% in online purchases. Since customers can purchase many of the same products online and in stores, the display makes all the difference in boosting your revenue.

Toy displays are unique because they must appeal to children, catching their eye and drawing their attention. At the same time, they must appeal to adults with a practical approach and a different set of concerns. Custom displays can help fulfill both the colorful and creative needs of children and the practical and cost-related worries of a parent. They can boost sales and increase revenue in the following ways:

  • Highlighting new products: Visual displays draw attention to new toys and highlight their features. If people know about a product, they are more likely to buy one.
  • Providing high-end product information: Shoppers often need information before they’re willing to spend money on a high-priced toy. Visual displays are the perfect medium to provide that information and show customers why they should purchase.
  • Promoting complementary products: If you sell toys that complement each other, like roller skates and roller skating helmets, for example, a custom visual display lets you promote these items together. The added convenience makes shoppers likely to choose — and remember — your brand, further boosting your revenue.
  • Placing items in a prime location: All toys are fun and colorful. Instead of competing with other colors and excitement on a densely packed shelf, you can place your custom visual displays in a high-traffic area so they’re easy for shoppers to access.
  • Enjoying full customization: You can use custom displays to achieve your sales objectives by appealing to children on their level instead of having your products on the top shelf out of their line of sight.

Tips for Designing Custom Toy Displays

Tips for designing custom toy displays

You need more than a prime location to make your toys stand out. You need exciting toy display ideas that draw children and adults away from everything else and keep them focused on what you offer. Children see the things they love — their favorite movie character or an oversized version of something they love. It’s the adults that think about how much your product costs and whether the item will break.

Your custom display design must appeal to children and the people making the final decision. The following tips can streamline your toy display design and pique everyone’s interest:

Plan in Advance

Much of your custom toy display success depends on aligning with current trends. Think about how you can use holiday trends, for example. Positioning your toys next to trending tech items could be highly successful, as adults will grab whatever is closest if they’re shopping for last-minute presents.

Consider what children’s movies or books are coming out and whether you can incorporate themes. Setting up custom-designed displays leading up to a release could help focus customer attention on you.

Look at Past Displays

Some of the most valuable data you have to streamline your designs come from displays you’ve used in the past. Think about displays that worked well and opportunities to improve your past displays. With this information, you can streamline your designs to leverage your strengths and improve your weaknesses.

Be Bold and Creative

One of the challenges with custom toy displays is to make them stand out amidst the visuals and energy of the toy aisle. If you’re creating a point-of-purchase (POP) display, you need it to stand out against the vibrant surroundings. Consider the current store branding and displays your product will be displayed with, and choose colors that have the fun factor.

Another way to stand out is to use unique displays. If you want customers to focus on an item like an action figure, a display shaped like one might set your brand apart. Position popular items so that they stand out.

Use Durable Options

Your display should excite children in the store. When children are excited, they like to grab and interact with the display, perhaps for a photo or to show their parents how much they want a particular item. Your display must handle a demanding position, withstand children’s interactions and display items without breaking.

Work With a Display Expert

Display experts with experience in the packaging business will be able to help you leverage current trends when designing your displays. The professionals can help you choose products that suit your needs and match the display design with your product to complement your brand. They know what displays are durable and visually appealing enough to attract your target market and convert them to purchase, boosting your revenue and increasing your brand awareness, regardless of the store it’s in.

Boost your toy sales with custom toy displays

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