Benefits of Point-of-Sale Displays

What tends to be two of the top concerns for retailers? Whether big or small, regardless of industry or product, no matter what price point you’re at, most retailers agree on the same two issues as being most pressing when it comes to retail success: 

  • getting the most out of every square inch of space in your store
  • maximizing the potential in human buying behaviors

Luckily, you can achieve success in both areas with just one useful, creative tactic: point-of-sale (POS) displays. Point-of-sale displays allow you to best-optimize the time your customers spend while they are otherwise just standing in line, waiting for their turn to check out. 

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But still, some retailers ask: are point-of-sale displays worth it? Are they effective? We say yes! In fact, would you believe that some studies show consumers spend an average of $5,400 every year on impulse purchases?! That alone may convince you. If you’re looking for ways to maximize space and boost sales, you may want to consider using point-of-sale displays. 

Not quite sure if you’re ready to commit? Keep reading to find out the top 3 benefits of point-of-sale displays

What Are the Benefits of Point-of-Sale Displays?


BENEFIT #1: Versatility

One of the biggest reasons store owners like to use displays near their point-of-sale stations is because they’re so versatile. The opportunities to make use of the space are virtually endless. 

Displays near the registers can serve a lot of purposes – you can: 

  • promote a new kind of product
  • sell candy, magazines or other items people tend to pick up on a whim
  • get rid of out-of-season stock, discontinued items or old products at a discounted price

The hardest part of getting the most out of your POS displays might just be deciding what you want to sell. One thing’s for sure though, you’re bound to make some good money by optimizing this often-under-used space with point-of-sale displays. 

BENEFIT #2: Better ROI and More Cost-Effective Compared to Permanent Fixtures

Point-of-sale displays are a cost-effective alternative to permanent fixtures for a couple of reasons. 

First, if you don’t currently have displays or opportunities for customers to make additional purchases at your registers, then you’re already wasting space, so literally anything you add to this area to house product will likely increase sales. 

Also, custom POS displays can be designed to fit exactly in the space you have, and offer products more likely to sell. Permanent fixtures or displays can limit what you offer, which can be less than ideal with seasonal changes and promotions. You may want sunscreen available in the warmer spring and summer months, but chapstick or hand warmers accessible in the chilly fall and winter months. Using POS displays that can be moved and switched out can allow you to target seasonal supplies and products, making the ROI on your displays that much better.   

BENEFIT #3: Better In-Store Visibility

One of the best advantages of point-of-sale displays is their visibility. Every customer who purchases something in your store will have to pass POS displays during their checkout. Also, while they’re waiting behind the person in front of them, they’ll have plenty of time to look at what you’re offering, which can often allow just enough time to encourage them to leave with a little something extra than they may otherwise have.

Creative Displays Now Is Your Premiere POS Display Provider

POS displays are a great way to optimize space and maximize sales. Whether you want to create and utilize custom floor displays, or counter displays, or even larger pallet displays, Creative Displays Now has got you covered. Contact us or call today at 1-855-284-6922 to learn how effective point-of-sale displays can really keep things moving.

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