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At Creative Displays Now, we’re all about helping customers come up with the perfect way to showcase their products. But what about when you already have a display design concept in mind, and you need us to execute it exactly to your specifications?

Don’t worry…we’ve got you covered then, too!

Best Home Furnishings: A Company Built On Craftsmanship
Check out what we did for our latest Featured Client, Best Home Furnishings. Formed in 1962 by two friends who initially operated the business out of an old cannery, Best Home Furnishings started as a repair shop for chairs and truck seats. Because founders Clem Lange and Ernie Prechtel Sr. remained on the production line as the business grew (eventually moving out of the old cannery), it was easy to ensure that every piece was made the perfection. And that philosophy and strive for perfection has followed the company every step of the way.

Best Home Furnishings - Retail Displays

They continued to expand as the years went by, even becoming the world’s leading manufacturer of swivel chairs. As they grew, they began to diversify their product range and warehouse locations. Today, they employ close to 900 people and make over 2,400 styles within 7 different product categories. Even the pickiest interior designer will find something that suits them – especially since Best Home Furnishings offers over 800 leather and fabric choices.

Executing Best Home Furnishings’ Vision
The team at Best Home Furnishing came to us through the Brand Innovation Group (BIG) Agency, and they certainly came prepared.

They supplied us with possible concepts and diagrams for their Performa-Weave and Power Alley displays, and even gave us the specific hardware components needed.

We love a customer with a vision…check out their initial diagrams below:

Retail Display Design Concept - Performa-WeaveRetail Display Design Concept

This provided us with an exciting opportunity: to combine our expertise with their creative vision. So, we got right to work, and created two designs in what was a truly collaborative process.

The Performa-Weave Table Display
The Performa-Weave display was created to highlight the specific technology Best Home Furnishings uses to keep their furniture cool and breathable.

Performa Weave - Product Display

We wanted to be sure this display was on brand, and the blue and white colors help promote feelings of relaxation. The display also included an electric fan, a tear pad, and a sample of Best Home Furnishings’ fabulous product. Our favorite part? We cut a small, circular hole right through the display so that passing customers could actually feel the comfort of the Performa-Weave technology.

After all, a display that engages is a display that makes sales!

The Power Alley Tower
Next, we moved on to the display for Best Home Furnishings’ Power Alley Tower.

Retail Sign - Power Alley

The eye-catching, contrasting colors of bright yellow and electric blue make it clear what this product is all about. And the cool “power” button at the bottom of the display drives the message home.

We incorporated the power strips supplied by Best Home Furnishings into the base of the display, so they were hidden from sight. Then, Power Recliners (one of their top products) could be plugged into the Power Alley, allowing browsing customers some much-needed relaxation – and the brand some superior advertising opportunities.

We also handled the full kitting, which means we sent the displays back to the customer in bulk, with assembly instructions for easy distribution.

We call this relationship a win-win.

Ready to Bring Your Design to Life?
We had a great experience working with the teams at both Brand Innovation Group and Best Home Furnishings, and we hope their customers are as excited about their displays as we are.

We’re especially proud of this project, as it allowed us to prove to customers that we can execute designs exactly based on provided specifications, even using unique hardware.

Are you ready to bring your displays to life? Want to see your vision for an interactive display in stores? Reach out today to get an estimate or call us at 1-855-284-6922. Together, let’s create a display that no one will be able to walk by without stopping.

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