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Custom beer displays

Whether it is for gatherings during the holiday season or a Sunday Funday neighborhood event, many occasions call for a trip to the frosty aisle of a favorite local liquor store or beer aisle in a market.

With all the food-and-beverage-friendly occasions throughout the year, which all encourage beer sales, there’s never a bad time to up the display game for your frosty beverages.

If you’re a beverage supplier, your number one goal is to grab consumers’ attention, make your brand both noteworthy and noticeable, and entice retailers to give you prime real estate space on their floor to showcase your product.

So, how do you ensure your brand gets that fair share of prime retail real estate? Custom floor beer displays, that’s how.

Understanding the Beer Industry

Globally, the beer industry was worth $821.4 billion in 2023, and experts expect the market to exceed $1 billion by 2030. This industry is highly competitive and dynamic. Although there are seemingly endless brands, only a few large corporations dominate this market. However, smaller, independent breweries are growing in popularity and can be successful with the right marketing. With smaller production capabilities and distribution networks, microbreweries and craft breweries often focus on local sales and unusual flavors.

Non-alcoholic and low-alcohol beers have also been growing in popularity. Many health-focused customers who enjoy the flavor of beer are looking for options without high alcohol by volume. Beer manufacturers of all sizes now offer non-alcoholic and low-alcohol beverages, so consumers have more choices and can find what they want.

Consumers are also more concerned about sustainability and eco-friendly manufacturing practices. Many people, especially younger demographics who buy the most beer, look for companies with sustainable processes, ingredients and packaging. If your brewery has taken initiatives such as using recycled materials in your packages or decreasing water use, it may be worth highlighting these practices on your displays.

Additionally, beer manufacturers must comply with federal and state regulations regarding labeling and advertising. These regulations are often much stricter for alcoholic beverages than for other food and drink products and come with harsh penalties for noncompliance.

Why Beer Displays?

Eye-catching beer displays for retail

Retailers are bombarded with requests to place products in the best, most visible, highest-foot-traffic areas of their stores. Their primary goal is to make the most sales. If your beverages arrive ready to go, in an eye-popping display that encourages sales, they’re more likely to offer you premium display space.

How to Make Beer Displays Work

You can choose from many different beer display stands. You can create displays to showcase bottles, cases or six-packs. Remember that you’re competing against every other brand in the store, including wine and liquor.

You need to be thinking: why should customers buy my brand instead of the competition?

That part is up to you. To appeal to customers effectively, you need to understand your target audience. Pricing is significant in determining your ideal customer, but other factors also play a role. For example, if you’re targeting beer connoisseurs, you might want a display with a high-end finish that explains the unique qualities of your beverage and justifies a premium price. However, if your audience is primarily casual drinkers, you may want to promote popularity and drinkability instead.

A prime concern for retailers is how easily product will move — you need to convince them your beer will fly off the display. Particularly during the busy holiday months, competition will be stiff. Design displays retailers can’t refuse because they know your brand — and how it’s presented — will encourage sales.

You may need to design multiple displays for various store types. Beer displays for convenience stores and grocery stores likely need to be different, even if you’re targeting a similar audience. People shop at these stores for different reasons, and convenience stores typically have less space available.

Whichever stores you’re approaching, seasonal beer displays can be an excellent way to attract new customers who want to try something different for a special occasion. Consider creating holiday beer displays for the Super Bowl or patriotic Fourth of July beer displays. You may also want to design seasonal displays for these special days:

  • New Year’s Eve
  • St. Patrick’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Winter holidays

Where to Make Beer Displays Work

You can design custom beer displays for various store locations. Display types can include:

  • Endcaps or end-aisle displays: These displays cap or finish the exposed ends of aisles.
  • Pallet displays: These are large floor displays built for durability on a pallet base.
  • Island displays: Customers can shop from these free-standing displays on all four sides, increasing visibility and sales while accommodating a high volume of foot traffic.
  • Floor displays: These versatile displays can be placed almost anywhere and come in multiple styles.

Remember that beer display stands must be durable and sturdy. The product’s weight is a significant factor in creating stable, effective beverage displays, especially if you package your beer in bottles. No one wants to put an entire display of breakable bottles at risk.

Create Custom Beer Displays With a Reputable Brand

Only work with reputable display companies that understand the intricacies of a beverage-specific display. You may need to consider additional structural and/or hardware requirements to accommodate the extra weight. Structural designers will be able to understand and address the needs of your specific product. This way, you can design a perfect fit that offers the best chance to end up on display in a prominent manner, regardless of which retailer you’re hoping to secure space at. 

If you’re interested in seeing other displays designed to show off beer or other beverages, check out our main beverages display page. Wondering what design elements you need to create a beverage display? Check out our beverage displays guide. To create beer displays yourself, contact us today or give us a call at 1-855-284-6922!

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