Solar-Powered Success: Goal Zero and Creative Displays Now

Goal Zero - Creative Displays Now

Creating customized retail point-of-purchase (POP) displays is what we do at Creative Displays Now. We recently had the opportunity to work with the innovators at Goal Zero, suppliers of some of the most innovative green-friendly, solar-powered and sustainable products on the market today. By creating a visually appealing and practical display system for the Goal Zero lineup of products, the Creative Displays Now team was able to promote this exceptional lineup of products to create the most positive impact for consumers in retail environments.

Stand-Out Stand-Alone Displays
We designed a double-pallet display for Goal Zero designed to hold a variety of products, including the following:

  • LED lanterns and lighting solutions
  • Solar rechargeable speaker systems
  • Lightweight and foldable solar panels
  • Portable wall outlets and power packs
  • Solar generators

Our innovative display design incorporated hooks for hanging smaller items and shelves that provided clear visibility for larger items, including a small-scale solar generator.

A Team Effort
From the start, our staff worked directly with the Goal Zero marketing team to determine key company goals and values. This allowed Creative Displays Now to produce several options for review and to perform a test run of 25 displays to determine which of the available designs received the most positive response from consumers. By testing out a variety of displays in a number of retail outlets over the course of a year, Goal Zero was able to identify the most successful designs. This led directly to the chance to break into the desirable Lowe’s hardware store chain.
Cardboard Pallet Display

Crunch Time for Goal Zero and Creative Displays Now
When the opportunity arose to stock Goal Zero products at Lowe’s, the hardware giant required a strict deadline for delivery of the completed displays and retail items. Our team had just 30 days to design, print, assemble and ship customized Goal Zero displays to ensure that this innovative lineup of green-friendly products achieved maximum visibility among consumers in the market to buy. Creative Displays Now met this deadline to provide Goal Zero with durable and attractive presentation options to ensure the success of its Lowe’s debut. This has boosted consumer awareness of Goal Zero and has resulted in increased sales and an improved market position for this innovator in the solar-powered product field.

Goal Zero is regarded as one of the leaders in creating products that allow consumers to live partly or completely off the grid. Solar-powered generators, lighting solutions and other items can provide added comfort for camping trips or cabins while reducing expenses along the way. Creative Displays Now is proud to have been a small part of the success story enjoyed by this elite company and to have played a role in its highly successful addition to the Lowe’s lineup.
Corrugated Pallet Display

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