Success Story: Post-It Notes End Cap Display

2013 Design of the Times “Best of Show” in the Specialty Stores Category

3M wanted to secure secondary placement for its Post-it Notes® brand collection in a high traffic end cap display at Staples.

Dramatically presenting “painting” as a metaphor for using brightly colored notes, this well-placed end cap merchandised the notes in a way that extended their hues into stripes that ran from top to bottom, framing the packaged notes within the bands of color.


Unique lug ons and dimensional components brought to life bursts of paint coming out of cans and being playfully painted with rollers, something shoppers would not expect to see in an office supplies store.

The end cap display positioned the notes within their associated color stripes, drawing shoppers’ attention to the eye-catching display and prompting them to select the color that fit their personal tastes. Selection was then as fun and as easy as pulling paint samples from a hardware-store shelf.

The color-coded merchandising not only make it simple for shoppers to make their selections, but it also made it easy for stores to keep product stocked and organized at the shelf. The end cap received on-the-spot buy-in with the account and once in stores served as an extension for a larger sales effort. The program has generated a nine percent lift in sales of colored notes over the standard canary yellow variety.

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