4 Marketing Strategies That Bring Attention to Your Products

With a few good in-store marketing strategies, you can increase your sales now and well into the future. The right in-store displays will actually make consumers feel desire for your product. And once someone feels real desire for a product, they are unlikely to feel the same way about competitors’ products within the course of the same shopping trip, or even later on down the line. So what strategies are best for marketing your product in stores? It depends on what you are marketing, of course, and a seasoned designer should be able to help you once you have a better idea of what you’re trying to achieve. Here are 4 excellent tips to get you started:

TIP #1: Consider the Laws of Attraction
There is an art and science to marketing your products in stores, and it all comes down to attraction. This is why you must always consider what is going to instantly attract customers to your product. You and your design team need to market your products in stores so they will grab instant attention and make positive first impressions. It will be near impossible to attract desire any other way.

TIP #2: Interrupting Can Be a Good Thing
People often go into “the zone” or “on auto pilot” while they’re shopping. If you want to disrupt shoppers’ routines and distract them from their shopping lists long enough to consider buying your product when they weren’t planning to already, you will need to do something very attention-grabbing. While you don’t want to go overboard or leave a bad impression, consider using seductive marketing techniques that attract attention to the display and the product. A scantily clad model emerging from the water isn’t necessarily in bad taste, for example, as long as the overall design is relevant to your product.


TIP #3: Remember Your Target Market
It is nearly impossible to make everyone feel the same way about your ads, displays, packaging and other in-store marketing strategies. Chances are, however, that your target market shares some common characteristics and are a bit more likely to be attracted to similar things. If you’re target market is pre-teen and teenage girls, for example, you may be more inclined to use bright colors, loud expressions and a youthfully feminine theme. If your target market is an aging demographic, on the other hand, you would probably be more successful sticking with a simple combination of basic colors and graphics portraying the senior lifestyle.

TIP #4: Stick to the Tried and True
At the end of the day, there are some simple tricks that are going to attract more of the right kind of attention, regardless of your target market. A choice of two bold, contrasting colors is always a good choice, for starters. If it works for the product, consider integrating celebrities or attractive lifestyle images into your in-store displays. The billboard, header and riser areas of a display are also important areas to focus on. And finally, it should go without saying that fonts and logos should be large enough to see from far away.

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