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People often associate the dimming of lights with “setting a romantic mood.” Many workplaces will also turn off the overhead fluorescents in favor of lamp light. Who hasn’t cursed bad lighting on a first date or even actually considered buying a light-up case for their cell phone? There’s no question: lighting makes a difference and sets the tone.

So, how can your retail store take advantage of lighting and colors for a more memorable (not to mention profitable) customer experience? We’ll discuss various retail store lighting ideas and display color schemes that will have your customers shopping and you on the path to record sales.

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All About the Bulb
Looking for tips on how to set up your retail store lighting? Start with the bulbs themselves. An incandescent bulb may be cheap, but it burns out the fastest, cluttering your aisles with employees constantly replacing them on ladders. Do yourself a favor and don’t shop by price alone.

  • Halogen bulbs are a more efficient version of incandescent bulbs, and are usually associated with what we call “task lighting” – where shoppers go to do something specific, like check out, pick up orders, or try on clothing.
  • Fluorescent light bulbs have a reputation for being ultra-bright, but they’re cost-efficient and can also be bought in tubes, not just bulbs. The solution? Invest in a dimmer to create an ambient, relaxing atmosphere for your store!
  • Finally, LED lights may be the new kids on the block, but they’re perfect for decorative and accent lighting. They’re not only super-efficient, but they also cast a gorgeous glow on items you want to call extra attention to: like your freestanding custom cardboard displays and even smaller, countertop displays.

Get Decorative
Don’t forget that lighting can also be a form of store decor – and of course, get shoppers to notice your best products in the process. Select your favorite custom displays and highlight them with your lighting displays. Just make sure the lighting you select fits with your in-store experience. You probably wouldn’t expect to see cheap string Christmas lights at a high-end clothing shop, just as you wouldn’t put a crystal chandelier in a pet shop!

Retail Store Displays

Get Colorful
Sure, shoppers will always associate the color red with “Sale!” but the color theory of shopping goes way beyond that. It’s not just the lighting that matters, but also the color of your walls and even retail displays. If you’re going for a sleek look, we recommend a minimalist, white color with limited text. For blues, the hue can make a big difference! Research shows that younger generations like bright, vibrant blues, while older shoppers prefer a darker blue. If you want to indicate eco-friendly products or packaging, go for green. Though yellow may make us happy, research shows that too much of it can be a turn-off to shoppers – especially if it’s in a paler shade. And once you get your colors on point, be sure to showcase certain walls and displays with directed lighting. It will pay off.

Now that you’ve read our tips, you’re totally ready to let the light shine down on your store!

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