Shake Up Your Store With A Custom Retail Display

With summer right around the corner, your store is sure to get more foot traffic than ever. But how can you turn people who just “wandered in to look” into long-term customers and clients? Surprisingly, your store layout may have more to do with it than you think. With more ways and places to shop than ever before, customers will be loyal to brick-and-mortar stores offering personal attention, convenience and above all, ease. Custom displays for retail can make a world of difference in your customers’ shopping experience. Read on to find out how to effectively incorporate displays into your floor plan.

Custom Retail Display

Make It Easy On The Eyes
Displays for retail are beneficial not only for your store (as easy, clean ways to organize bulkier products), but they also help customers locate the items they need the most. We recommend placing some of your store’s most popular items (don’t forget to update them each season) in bright, bold custom retail displays. And don’t be afraid to have a little fun in the process! If there’s a holiday or big film premiere coming up, why not order a customized display in the shape of an Easter Bunny, Santa Claus or movie character? It will not only show shoppers you’re with the times, but you could actually use your displays as a point of advertising. If they’re good enough, maybe shoppers will want to take selfies with them. Think of a hashtag and encourage your customers to post their pictures by featuring your favorites throughout the store.

Build Stacks on Stacks
A few years ago, this Kotaku article on Chinese retail displays took over the internet. It shows eggs in the shape of a heart, boxes of toothpaste made to look like a tank, and even a bicycle made out of rubber sandals. When you’re ordering a custom retail display, it’s essential to keep in mind that how you arrange the products within the display is just as important as the colors, themes and branding techniques you incorporate into it. Use your display as a “background” for your creative designs, as well as to store excess product that you didn’t use in the construction. Don’t be afraid to take a risk—you just might go viral as a result.

Retail Display

Light It Up—Way Up!
With summer nights on their way, people are going to be staying out later. Make sure your displays are visible to pedestrians even past midnight. Use festive lanterns, shabby-chic strings of Christmas lights or try placing lighting underneath your products, to give your display an eye-catching glow that will make people stop and stare at any time of the day or night. Your store should always look like somebody’s home.

There are millions of ways to get creative when deciding on a custom retail display. Put your best foot forward with both new and established customers, and make sure your products shine. Keep checking back with us for more tips and tricks relating to retail display!

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