The Hidden Treasures of Dump Bin Displays

When was the last time you walked past a dump bin display in a store? It was probably recently, as these bins seem to be everywhere. The term “dump bin” refers to the disorderly fashion that items are dumped into these containers, often because the shop owners have reduced those items to clearance prices to make way for new merchandise. As a retailer, you may think of dump bins as a place to get rid of stuff to make way for new merchandise you’re eager to sell, but for customers, a dump bin can be more like a treasure trove. Savvy shoppers across the Internet have published videos, blogs, and forum posts to prove it. Here are just a few examples of the treasures customers have found displayed in retail dump bin displays.

The Hottest Hot Wheels
To most of us, these are just little toy cars. To a collector, though, a dump bin full of Hot Wheels is more like a discovered treasure chest than a retail graveyard. A skilled toy collector will understand which models of this toy car collection are going to be scarce and hard-to-find due to their nature as a limited-time edition. Some collectors have gone as far as to share their finds on YouTube with other enthusiasts, proudly sharing a “score” of a sought-after Hot Wheels found in a store’s clearance bin.
Hot Wheels Dump Bin Display

Tough-to-Find Trading Cards
Not everyone collects football and baseball cards, but for those who do, a dump bin filled with packs of trading cards can be a dream come true. Some shoppers in a Blowout Cards forum recently discussed the cards they’ve found, with some complaining of a lack of clearance bins at stores near them and others celebrating the packs they’ve discovered for mere pocket change.

Holiday Bric-a-Brac Galore
For many bargain-loving shoppers, the day after a holiday like Christmas, Easter, or Halloween is an exciting time. That means they can hit the clearance bins for candy and other products that were designed and sold specifically for that holiday. This is a great way to save money and plan for next year, or just get some treats to enjoy right now! From Halloween costumes to Christmas decorations to Valentine’s Day candy and Easter basket knickknacks, dump bins become home to all sorts of discounted merchandise once the festive day’s over.
Dump Bin Displays

DIY Tools and More
Trends come and go, just as seasons do. When one season ends and a new one begins, or when a trendy DIY craft movement suddenly becomes very popular, something has to go to make room for new products in retail spaces. Oftentimes, one trendy DIY craft must replace another as the season changes. And savvy shoppers are there to pick up some deals along the way.

These are just a few of the deals that customers have come across. A wide variety of products may find themselves in a dump bin display, from books and toys to cosmetics and DIY tools. It all depends on what inventory needs to be moved to make way for something new.

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