Top 5 Best Practices and Strategies for Retail Store Layouts

There is a science to retail displays, and when you get the formula right your customers won’t realize any work went into the layout at all. It takes a fine balance of creative ingredients to achieve this desired result without being obvious about it. So how do you keep people in the store, engaged with the displays and products and ultimately spending money? If you’re wondering how stores achieve this magic formula, consider the following best practices and strategies that are sure to keep your customers happily shopping.


  1. Windows Always Come First
    It’s always a best practice to focus on windows first, because if people aren’t impressed by or engaged with the window displays, they likely won’t make it into the store to see anything else you’ve got to offer. Some stores choose to keep windows bare to let the activity of the store speak for itself, but most display consultants agree that opting out of window displays is a missed opportunity. Fresh, bold, attention-grabbing, single-color themes are always a safe bet. Cluttered window displays can have the opposite effect though, so keep it clean and you’re good to go.
  2. Move Traffic to the Right
    While this isn’t common knowledge among the general public, most consultants note that drawing customers to the right after entering is typically a good practice. For various reasons, people are more likely to move counter clockwise around a store if given the option. Stores often put their most attention-grabbing displays and comforting product placements to the right of the entrance, to inspire positive feelings and bigger purchases while customers are navigating the store.
  3. Place Premium Products at Eye Level
    It’s always a best practice to keep people’s eyes drawn to the more appealing and expensive products that are going to keep profits high. This is why stores often keep premium products at eye level, so customers see these products without having to move or crane their neck, while cheaper products are kept on the lowest shelves.
  4. Make the Most of Your Display Cases
    Display cases provide an excellent opportunity to draw customers’ attention to premium products and allow them to interact with these products before making a purchase, to make purchasing high-ticket items the most pleasant experience possible. Many stores prefer to angle the aisles to point customers to a back area where they find a compelling display, but if you’re going to try this approach make sure you have enough space. The main aisle and each side aisle should be wide enough to accommodate multiple customers as well as any sales associates assisting customers at the display cases.
  5. Make Sure You Have a Plan
    Whatever you do, just make sure you have a plan for your retail store layout. Stores without a comprehensive plan for their retail display policies often end up cluttered and disorganized, and leave customers unable to find what they’re looking for. Think about creating engaging retail displays at the ends of aisles, and a layout that keeps people interested and moving in the direction you want them to.

What’s the most creative store display you’ve seen? Did it change your buying trend?


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