The Benefits of Custom POP Displays

benefits of custom pop displays

Your marketing strategy determines your business’ success. Effective marketing is customer-focused and often involves multiple channels. Even if you use several advertising platforms, you should still pay attention to in-store advertising.

In-store advertising allows you to go head-to-head with your competitors to entice customers. You win once you convince someone to buy your product. A point-of-purchase display is an excellent way to convert shoppers into buyers.

What Are POP Displays?

Point-of-purchase displays are one of the most effective forms of retail advertising. Custom retail displays use eye-catching material to make your product and brand stand out among your competitors and offer promotions and discounts to increase sales. POPs are low-cost and highly effective. Businesses often earn more in sales than they spend on the displays.

POP displays are usually close to the product they advertise, but they don’t have to be. They target consumers who are ready to buy your product but need one final push. Store associates strategically position the displays to direct shoppers to discounts or promotions and enhance their shopping experience.

These displays are also effective when targeting impulse buyers, especially when they offer irresistible deals or educate them about your product. Additionally, depending on placement, they can direct customers to your product.

For example, store associates should set up a POP display with a buy-one-get-one-free deal for sodas at the end of the soda aisle. This placement gives your product a competitive edge and influences customers interested in buying soft drinks to choose a specific brand. However, if they set up the display near the front of the store, it can direct buyers to the soda aisle and your merchandise.

reasons to use custom pop displays in retail marketing

5 Reasons to Use Custom POP Displays in Your Retail Marketing Strategy

There are numerous reasons to integrate custom POP displays into your retail marketing strategy. Here are the top five.

1. They Increase Brand Awareness

Custom displays use your brand’s color scheme and graphics to attract customers. Your POP can showcase your product’s quality. It provides information about your product and brand to increase awareness or target a set demographic. You can design displays to advertise promotions or limited offerings. Sometimes, companies include QR codes on their POPs to direct consumers to their websites to learn more about their products and brand values.

Either way, once all your products sell, consumers still see your name on the display, reinforcing brand recognition. POPs can also tell your story. Every company has a history, and branding is about how you want consumers to perceive you.

If you don’t define your brand, you’ll have less control over customers’ opinions about your product and company. When you design your POP, it should follow the same standards your other marketing efforts and social media do. Consistent branding lures your customers in, gets them to view you as an industry leader and affirms your credibility.

2. They’re Strategic

The displays attract customers by grabbing their attention when they’re in stores. They take advantage of customer behavior by serving as an informational resource for associates and customers. Your display also adds a personal touch that can convince people to buy your product. If your company supports a cause, you can advertise it with your POP to attract like-minded customers.

Additionally, POPs provide access to your products and encourage customers to interact with them. You can use POPs to target impulse buyers at checkout counters, advertise popular products or promote seasonal items.

3. They’re Customizable

The ability to customize your POP displays allows you to give shoppers a personalized experience with your brand. No other company’s POP will be like yours.

You can also use different designs to fit various stores. For example, a modern design can match a store in a metropolitan area but won’t suit a more rural location. In addition, you can monitor each display’s performance and adjust your marketing strategy and display design as needed.

Since POP displays can be temporary, you can also design them to reflect new trends and appeal to a different target audience. You can change your design if it becomes outdated.

Furthermore, if you design a POP for a new product but want to switch it out later, you can. Depending on the display, you can adjust the signage and information to save time and money. If your company changes logos, leadership personnel or merges with another brand, you can redesign your POPs to make the transition seamless and maintain brand recognition.

4. They’re Affordable

Most customized POP displays are corrugated cardboard. This material is affordable and lightweight, making it easy to unpack and set up. It allows you to reach a large audience without paying for more expensive advertising, like television ads. Since these displays are so inexpensive, the profit you earn typically outweighs the advertising costs.

You can save more money with POPs when you buy them in bulk. They’re also sustainable, with most being reusable or recyclable. Many displays last for years, so you can save older POP displays for company events.

5. They Increase Profits

Most customers find new products to purchase at retail stores. Custom retail displays can make your products seem more valuable and noticeable. When the displays are in a strategic location, impulse buyers will notice your brand and are likely to make a purchase. If they decide they like your product, impulse buyers often convert to loyal brand customers. Whether they convert or not, attracting more impulse buyers increases your profits.

Aside from attracting potential customers, POPs encourage in-store purchases. They act like a salesperson who convinces people to buy a product instead of letting them go home and talk themselves out of it.create your custom display

Create Your Custom Display

Choosing POP displays is a practical, affordable way to advertise your products and business and increase profits — but only when you stand out from the crowd. When you work with our team of experts at Creative Display Now, we ensure you do that.

For over 60 years, we have been a top designer and manufacturer of high-quality POP displays. We can help you from design to distribution. Our staff has the expertise to develop a display that meets leading retailers’ requirements. When you want the flexibility of a temporary display, our team can help you create a custom display that aligns with your marketing goals while highlighting your brand. Contact us today to discuss your custom display ideas and receive an estimate.

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