Your Cardboard Stands Don’t Have to Be Boring: Four Keys to Success

Creating visual appeal for your product displays can boost your visibility among consumers and can generate added sales for your company. There’s no denying that the right design can promote your products while making a lasting impression on customers that can ultimately lead to repeat business and increased name recognition in the competitive marketplace. Cardboard displays can be a cost-effective way to continue your efforts to build your corporate brand while allowing your products to shine in the retail environment. Wondering where to go from here? Here are four points to keep in mind to ensure you wow your customers without breaking your marketing budget.

Cardboard Stand Display

KEY POINT #1: Size Matters
Large cardboard stands are more visible from a distance and make a more powerful impact on your potential customers. By opting for at least some large-scale displays, you can often showcase a number of related products in a single presentation. This can create a cohesive impression of your brand and can enhance your marketing goals among consumers in the frame of mind to buy your products. When it counts, bigger is better.

KEY POINT #2: Support your Brand
Selecting colors, fonts and images that reflect your company’s overall brand image can lend added support to your marketing efforts. By using the same colors and overall look for your displays, and by incorporating your corporate logo into these marketing tools, you can create a uniform impression of your company and its products that can result in added sales across your overall lineup of consumer items. Branding is important; be sure to take advantage of this key marketing element in your displays.

KEY POINT #3: Appeal to Impulse Buyers
By design, point-of-purchase displays are intended to attract customers already in the store and ready to buy. By using brilliant colors and intriguing premises and designs for your cardboard stands and displays, you can take advantage of this captive audience to boost your sales and increase your corporate visibility even for consumers who do not buy your product immediately. This can translate into long-term success for your company.

KEY POINT #4: Target the Mobile Audience
Well over 250 million people currently use smartphones in the U.S. By integrating mobile phone interactivity into your displays, you can reach these consumers more effectively. Offering a discount or free item for customers who sign up to receive marketing information from your company can produce quality leads. This can allow you to achieve greater saturation among key demographics in the consumer marketplace.

The quality of your cardboard displays is critical to ensure that they stand up to use and abuse in the retail environment. Working with a firm that specializes in creating elegant, creative and durable cardboard stands for your marketing campaign can help you to achieve better results and increased sales for your company’s product lines while building solid relationships with retail vendors and distributors.

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