Fight Flu Season with These Must-Haves for Pharmacy Displays

Winter is underway — and that means, unfortunately, so is cold and flu season. Make sure you’re using your pharmacy displays to help your customers get the relief they need quickly, and this year up your sales by adding in some remedies customers may not have tried yet.

Cardboard Pharma Display

Accessibility is Key
The absolute last thing a sick person wants to do is comb through a store in search of the proper medicine. Make customers’ and your employees’ lives easier by using hanging signs in your drug store display. Get creative…you can even customize a sign in the shape of a Claritin pill. You may want to consider putting a large cardboard display of easy-to-take preventatives like Airborne or Emergen-C right at the entrance of your store. It’s also a smart idea to place a register display of travel size or individual packets of these known healers in the checkout line. Plus, by advertising smaller sizes, you’re giving your customers the opportunity to try new medicines and remedies without having to spend for the whole bottle or pack. You’ll be surprised by the differences made in both sales and in customer loyalty.
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Client of the Month: Royal Canin

If your pet is treated like a member of the Royal Family (because let’s face it, sometimes our animals rule our lives in the best way possible), we’re thrilled to introduce you to our Client of the Month, Royal Canin. No matter which breed of dog you have, what dietary needs your pet adheres to, or what brand you’re searching for, Royal Canin caters to your premium pet food needs.

Royal Canin Pet Food Display

Why They Stand Out
At Creative Displays Now, we all feel like our pets are members of our family, and we’re really only interested in working with companies that feel the same way. With over 400 different brands of the highest quality pet food, Royal Canin has everything you need to improve your animal’s health, follow your vet’s suggestions and even treat Fido or Fluffy from time to time! We also appreciate their commitment to fast, simple shipping. Since your pet’s health can’t wait, Royal Canin ships orders placed before four in the afternoon out the same day, in addition to offering complementary one to two day shipping. Did we mention that, in all but three states, Royal Canin doesn’t charge sales tax? We also like that the food ships directly from Royal Canin’s warehouse, so you know you’re getting the freshest pet food for your furry friends, not something that’s been sitting stale on the bottom of a shelf for months.
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The Hops Behind the Display: Structural Tips for Beverage Displays

Still feeling that busy-holiday-season hangover? Don’t let it affect your store’s beer and beverage sales! 2015 was a huge year for the beer industry: Anheuser-Busch InBev and SABMiller merged, the craft brewery Ballast Point was acquired for $1 billion and home-brewing kits were a more popular Christmas gift than ever before. Jump on the bandwagon in 2016 by reading up on our tips, tricks and guidance to creating successful — and structurally sound — beverage displays. We’ve got you covered from Super Bowl displays to the hipster, craft beer crowd.

Cardboard Liquor Display

Represent Your Local Team
It’s no secret that Game Day, whether the Super Bowl or a local match, is the perfect time to relax, get some nachos and enjoy some beers with friends. Tap into this market with your beer displays by customizing your display with the colors, mascot, favorite players or logo of your local team. Even if your shoppers came into the store for something else, they’ll see your sports-themed display and think: I should probably pick up a few six-packs for Sunday’s game while I’m here.
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Which Retail Toy Display Reigned Supreme?

The holidays are over and 2016 is off and running, and even if you’re slightly relieved that the holiday rush is behind you, it’s always fun to look back. For us, that means remembering which retail toy displays stood out, connected with shoppers, and boosted sales. This year, while Minion toys from the hit movie “Despicable Me” and its sequels still dominated the market, the real standout products were, as everyone expected, the new Star Wars movie. You couldn’t go anywhere without seeing a lightsaber, an action figure of the characters, or even costumes! So, which displays really worked best this holiday season? And what can we all take away from the top retail toy displays?

Cardboard Standee Display Make it Graphic
The most successful retail toy display is always on that’s easy to identify, making it instantly recognizable because it’s branded with the name of the franchise, company or movie it’s associated with. Especially during the holiday season, it’s your job to make it simple for your customers to find that “one toy” that is on the top of their child’s Christmas list. Do this by customizing your display with bright colors and by including popular characters from films in your graphic choice. Also, if you’re selling products based on a film, be sure to incorporate the ideas of the movie in your display — not only is it fun, it also helps parents who might not be 100% sure what they’re shopping for go home with the right toy. For example, if you’re selling lightsabers from Star Wars, you could choose to have your display made to look like the interior of the Death Star, with Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader on either side. Using cardboard cutouts of characters is another easy branding recommendation, and one we noticed a lot of this winter. Continue reading “Which Retail Toy Display Reigned Supreme?”

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Pallet Displays 101: Color, Shape, and Style

If you’re looking to spice up your store layout while also maximizing your use of floor space, creating the perfect display is essential to your success. Whether your store wants to focus on bringing attention to a large stock of a specific item, or if you’re a “Big Box” or warehouse and you’re looking to do an engaging pallet display, the right display can make the difference between the red and a profit.

Get Dressed
One essential part of the right display is the pallet skirt — especially if your focus is less on an elaborate display and more on clearing inventory fast. A pallet skirt is designed to cover the wooden, crate-like pallets that your products sit on top of — but that doesn’t mean they have to be drab. The right graphics, branding, and, as we’ll tell you more about, color, can do the job just as effectively as a custom display.

Cardboard Pallet Skirt

Helpful hint: if you’re selling an item that you know customers might need a bit more information about, consider setting a brochure holder directly next to or in front of your display pallet. That way, customers can read up on a product and buy it all in one go — giving you the advantage over other stores that force customers to do research on their own time. Making your customers feel informed and in control is a big part of what will keep them coming back. Continue reading “Pallet Displays 101: Color, Shape, and Style”

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