How to Optimize Retail Store Traffic Flow

When we talk about “retail traffic flow,” you may be picturing a rush hour highway instead of the way shoppers move throughout your store. In a way, your mental image of a busy street isn’t so far off the mark. Most of us move through stores and aisles following ingrained traffic laws like “keep to the right” whether we’re on foot or four wheels. Read on to learn about the subconscious “traffic laws” your shoppers follow – and how your store’s layout can optimize that natural retail store traffic.

Get On the Grid
A good retail floor traffic flow allows your customers to move through every part of your store efficiently – while ensuring that customers don’t just grab what they need and walk right to your register, missing over half your merchandise. How customers move through your store can depend on what you’re selling.

Retail Store Displays
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Common Mistakes Made on the Retail Floor & How to Avoid Them

If you only see your store as a “warehouse” or storage unit for your stock, you’re missing out on the incredible marketing and sales opportunities offered by product displays. One of the biggest problems in retail marketing today isn’t poor sales staff or the failure to have a solid Instagram hashtag—it’s actually losing money by overlooking how you display your items. Believe it or not, these simple things can have a real (negative) impact on your sales:

  • Refusing to take into consideration the psychology of color
  • Not thinking about the location of stands and displays
  • Forgetting to take into account how your items look from the street

We’re taking the mystery out of the process—here we’ll explore the do’s and don’ts of in-store merchandising, so you can increase your store’s bottom line through the use of custom retail displays.

Custom Retail Display
Stop Hiding
One of the most common retail mistakes we see over and over: thinking it’s a good idea to hide your hottest items at the back of the store in hopes it will encourage (read: force) customers to unwillingly “browse” through the store to find them. It may seem logical that customers will add items to their cart along the way, but really, all you’re doing is wasting their time and earning their frustration, not their loyalty.
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Mastering Minimalism in Your Retail Store

Whether in fashion, design or art, the answer is clear: less is more.

The era of the “maximalist” is definitely over, and minimalism seems like it could be here to stay. Let your customers and clients know you’re in touch with the latest retail design trends by scaling down your displays and store layouts. Crisp, clean lines show your shoppers that your products can stand on their own—savvy shoppers don’t need an in-your-face display to distract and coerce them into making that purchase. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite minimalist retail displays and layouts.

Canvas, New York, NY—This home goods and furniture store has always had a minimalist brand design, and their company is all about creating sustainable products that are environmentally friendly. They’ve done a phenomenal job of keeping their layout “on brand” by essentially creating a home that customers can walk through and pick products from. Dishes are neatly stacked in a simple wooden bookshelf, there are hardly any loud, bright red retail signs and even the exterior sign is clean: a black awning with the store’s name typed in all lowercase letters. Only a small fraction of the stock is placed on the shelves and furniture, giving the store a “lived-in” feel that immediately relaxes customers and makes them want to recreate the relaxed environment in their own homes.

Minimalist Store Displays
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Featured Client: Ernie Ball

At Creative Displays Now, we love creating the perfect blend of function, professionalism and impeccable branding when we make displays for our customers. It’s always our goal to exceed not only our clients’ expectations, but more importantly, to surpass our own. This month, we’re excited to highlight our featured Customer of the Month, the go-to company of guitar/bass strings and accessories, Ernie Ball. When we partnered with them, we wanted to create a product that rocks as much as they do!

Printed Displays for Ernie Ball Guitar Strings

Played by world-famous musicians like Keith Richards and Paul McCartney, Ernie Ball is dedicated to using the best possible technology and methodology to create sounds that reverberate loudly enough to leave a lasting impression on audience members. We created a custom display for Ernie Ball that does the same.

Using the brand’s trademark funky font and bright, in-your-face colors of lime green, black, white and pink, we designed and built a small display box that allows them to sort and hold three different types of Ernie Ball’s most popular strings for sale.
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Increasing Impulse Buys In-Store

We’ve all been there. You promise yourself you’re going to “stick to the list” on this shopping trip, but you end up coming home with an entire cart of “great deals.” These aptly names “impulse buys,” bought on a whim and typically unplanned and largely unneeded, are a huge part of any store’s revenue. So how do you create custom floor displays that cater to the lucrative impulse buying behavior? Keep reading, and we’ll take you through the shopping psychology and product placement strategies that encourage your shoppers to toss a few extra items into their carts.

Custom Floor Displays

Looking to unload extra stock and increase revenue? Customers are drawn to seeing your products unwrapped and in action. Create custom counter displays that show off what your products can do, and never underestimate the power of a free sample. Give demonstrations, let customers try out products and be sure to highlight the multiple functions of what you’re selling. The in-person tests and demonstrations, along with the instant gratification that comes from them, are something your customers can’t get in online shopping—so make the most of your brick-and-mortar opportunities.
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