Making an Impression in the Convenience Store Environment: Not All Displays Are Created Equal

While basic-shelving, boring, lackluster convenience store display units may once have been the norm across the U.S., modern displays are designed to showcase products and to provide real eye appeal for consumers. Bold colors and solid construction combine to create appealing and eye-catching designs that can stand up to repeated use in the high-volume convenience store market. Not all displays are equal; here are five tips that can help your products stand out in the fast-paced world of the modern convenience store.

Cardboard Convenience Store Display

Tip 1: Create Instant Recognition
We all know that brand identity is crucial in any marketing plan, but particularly because most purchases in the convenience store environment are emergency or impulse buys, it is critical to create a cohesive and easily recognizable look for your displays. Using complementary colors that set off your product packaging can attract consumers and increase your overall sales. By using consistent logo designs, fonts and colors, you can also earn more repeat business from satisfied customers who can easily seek out and spot your brand in the future in these typically crowded environments.
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Putting Your Creativity to Work: Three Key Advantages of Appealing End Cap Displays

A study conducted in 1995 by the Point-of-Purchase Advertising Institute indicated that 68 percent of consumer purchases were impulse driven; today, a decade later, some surveys have indicated that a whopping 90 percent of consumers engage in impulse buying in the retail environment! Capturing your fair share of impulse purchases and ensuring that your company name is clearly visible to consumers can help you achieve a higher degree of success in this competitive arena. End cap displays are a solid solution that can perform double duty for your company and can increase your profitability in the consumer marketplace. But as simple as it may seem, simply throwing up shelving, stocking your product, and hoping you make sales just isn’t enough. How can creative end cap displays help you? Several ways…here are three key advantages an innovative cardboard display can offer your company or product.

End Cap Display

Advantage #1—Top-Notch Visibility
End cap cardboard displays provide optimal visibility for your products. Industry studies have shown that consumers are more likely to see and pay attention to these locations in the retail environment. This allows your displays to serve two purposes at the same time—end cap displays can help you:
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Creative Displays Now to Appear at 2015 Shopper Marketing Conference & Expo

Creative Displays Now (CDN) and parent company Great Northern Corporation will be out in full force at the upcoming Shopper Marketing Conference & Expo scheduled for October 13-15, 2015, at the Minneapolis Convention Center. This outstanding venue will play host to the world’s largest collection of marketing experts and retail professionals and will showcase some of the most compelling display and packaging ideas in the modern marketplace. Seminars will cover a wide range of topics that include the following:

  • Building consumer loyalty
  • Targeting specific shopper segments
  • Integrating digital technologies
  • Creating opportunities for collaboration
  • Measuring return on investment
  • E-commerce techniques
  • Networking
  • Leveraging social media and mobile technologies

Great Northern will be presenting some of their best in-store presentations in the Exhibit Hall and will be meeting and greeting some of the most important retail representatives during this three-day gala event.
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Creative Displays Now Customer of the Month: Búho Cigars

At Creative Displays Now, we love new challenges and opportunities. We recently enjoyed working with one of the leading companies in the boutique cigar marketplace. Búho Cigars offers an exquisite selection of hand-rolled cigars designed to appeal to the true aficionado. Each cigar produced by Búho represents the culmination of four generations of dedication and effort by Cuban masters in the art of cigar making. These luxurious items require special care to ensure the perfect smoke for consumers. Búho Cigars turned to us for help in creating a unique, one of a kind display for their elite lineup of world-class cigars for use in a wide range of retail environments. We rose to the challenge and delivered an innovative and appealing display unit for Búho Cigars, the Creative Displays Now customer of the month.

Printed Cardboard Displays for Buho Cigars
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Your Cardboard Stands Don’t Have to Be Boring: Four Keys to Success

Creating visual appeal for your product displays can boost your visibility among consumers and can generate added sales for your company. There’s no denying that the right design can promote your products while making a lasting impression on customers that can ultimately lead to repeat business and increased name recognition in the competitive marketplace. Cardboard displays can be a cost-effective way to continue your efforts to build your corporate brand while allowing your products to shine in the retail environment. Wondering where to go from here? Here are four points to keep in mind to ensure you wow your customers without breaking your marketing budget.

KEY POINT #1: Size Matters
Large cardboard stands are more visible from a distance and make a more powerful impact on your potential customers. By opting for at least some large-scale displays, you can often showcase a number of related products in a single presentation. This can create a cohesive impression of your brand and can enhance your marketing goals among consumers in the frame of mind to buy your products. When it counts, bigger is better.
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