Counter Displays — The Gear Store

Bring a sense of adventure to your gear counter display. If you run an outdoor gear shop (or if you’ve ever shopped at one) you know that often, it’s what you don’t buy that can be the difference between a fabulous trip and a complete nightmare. Forgetting to pick up an extra carabineer can squash the chances to climb. On the flip side, finding an item at the last second in the checkout line that combines several pieces of gear into one could mean eliminating the need to buy several heavy items that add extra weight to a pack. What’s the secret of successful outdoor stores? Two words: counter displays. Read on to learn more.

Cardboard Counter Display
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Creative Displays Now / Great Northern Instore Win Again at 2016 OMA Awards

The inventive minds at Creative Displays Now, an online brand of Great Northern Corporation, brought home four OMA Awards for their work with Perrier, Tradewinds Tea, 3M, and Purina. One gold, a silver, and two bronze medals were awarded for the style and ingenuity displayed by the four in store displays.

Gold: Perrier “Best Trip Ever” Topper
The “Best Trip Ever” topper was designed to integrate with existing product stacks to display eye-catching design and Perrier creative to promote Perrier’s “Best Trip Ever” Sweepstakes. The topper came out on top at the OMAs with a gold medal for temporary supermarket displays.

Award Winning Retail Display

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Interrupting the Shopping Autopilot With Aisle Violators

Sluggish sales? Get back to black with aisle violators! Have your sales slumped this season? Are you looking to put a little extra oomph into your profits? Interested in finding new ways to get your customers’ attention? Why not incorporate the proven method of aisle violators into your displays? Read on to find out how this type of signage influences shoppers to stay longer and spend more in your store.

Stick Out
When you walk down an aisle, you may notice a long, rectangular sign hanging perpendicular to the aisle. This is an aisle violator, and it’s a sales secret good businesses have been using for years. Some of the best designs have large-scale pictures of the items and switch up the color and texture of the sign. There’s usually also room to further convince your customers to put it in their carts by listing other eye catching marketing and value prop details such as: benefits, ingredients, or the story of the product or company.

Aisle Violator Display
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Client of the Month: Bobalu Nuts

We’re always thrilled to share our Client of the Month with our readers. We’d like to introduce you to Bobalu Nuts, a California-based Nonpareil Almond company that roasts almonds in their shells, for that extra infusion of deliciousness. We first heard from Bobalu in October of 2015, and they were up front about the fact that they needed a lot of assistance with both creating and executing an original idea for a floor display — because we were the first custom display company they’d ever worked with!

Custom Cardboard Displays - Bobalu Nuts

We love helping new and developing businesses grow and expand their ideas, and we understand that creating an engaging display for a product is instrumental in its ability to sell. Bobalu Nuts needed to create ideas for grocery store displays that served a few purposes simultaneously:

  • The company wanted to set itself apart from the competition.
  • They wanted to stress that they are a high-end product.
  • They also wanted the ability to ship the display already loaded with packages of Bobalu Nuts.

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Blockbuster Floor Display Ideas — Literally!

Looking for new inspiration to spice up your floor displays? Take a cue from the silver screen — Hollywood’s cardboard cutouts of popular characters and set pieces from the latest blockbusters may not be trying to sell physical products, but they still stop people in their tracks.

Cardboard Standee Display

Be a #Trendsetter
Take advantage of the social #selfie trend and create a hashtag for your corrugated displays that encourage shoppers to stop and strike a pose. Not only is this essentially free marketing, but Hollywood’s film displays, many of which now sport their own hashtags, have proven this tactic to be very effective. Social media buzz is all but expected from tech-savvy clientele these days. Not to mention, it’s a great way companies and new brands can get to know their client base — all you have to do is check your hashtag to see what your typical customer looks like. Creating a gimmick or reward attached to posts will encourage people to participate, and the return on investment can be huge! Marketing exposure and brand promotion in exchange for a coupon or some other small token can go a long way.
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