6 Simple Tips to Make Your Products and Displays Shine

Even with the most eye-catching cardboard displays and appealing products on show, it’s still easy to turn retail customers away without even realizing it. Many store owners and managers get so busy in their day-to-day operations that they fail to keep up with the cleaning, organizing and revamping that they so desperately need to do to continue attracting customers. While people may still come in, they are unlikely to stay long and browse if the surroundings aren’t pleasant and inviting.


The good news is that there are simple solutions. Here are six simple tips to help spruce up your store and enter the upcoming holiday season with your best foot forward.

  1. Make Necessary Repairs
    There’s no sense in sprucing up your store if things aren’t even working properly, so before you get to your fall cleaning make sure everything’s in good working order. This includes things like carts and baskets in the storefront, faucets and toilets in the bathroom, and lighting and drawers throughout the store.
  2. Get Organized
    Products should be in logical places where people can easily find them. Customers should be able to find essential items at the front of the store and locate more obscure items in an intuitive place within the store’s aisles and shelves. Employees should also be able to find everything they need to quickly and efficiently do their jobs without a bunch of unnecessary, time-wasting effort.
  3. Cut the Clutter
    Don’t let clutter become a problem. Think about what needs to go in storage before the season is even finished, and prepare for the following season ahead of time. If you have products that need to go, consider making a reduced-price display near the checkout. This will feel like a treat for customers, and will help you get ready for the new season with a cleaner store.
  4. Purposeful Rearrangement
    Customers are more likely to return to your store frequently and spend more time per shopping trip if it always feels fresh and new each time they visit the store. You can always make it feel like something’s pleasantly different by simply moving some things around. Think about creating a new flow by moving fixtures around, opening up doors and windows in the sunny months and adding new rugs or drapes in the winter months.
  5. Don’t Forget to Clean and Dust
    Whenever the store is slow, managers should know to keep the employees busy. Rather than filling their time with mindless busywork, though, this time can be best spent with the simple but oh-so-important tasks of cleaning and dusting. It’s a good idea to keep dusters, paper towels and cleaning products handy in a visible location, so it won’t be so easy to forget and let the dust and stains get out of control.
  6. Add a Fresh Coat of Paint
    While you’re spending all this time cleaning, organizing, rearranging, repairing, promoting and putting up new cardboard displays, it couldn’t hurt to slap on a fresh coat of paint every once in a while. Think about touching up spots at least once a year, and repainting ceilings and walls whenever the old coat seems dull.


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