In-Store Communication Using Retail Displays

In-store communication using retail displays

Communication exists for many species, but human beings have taken communication to another level, going beyond written and spoken language to a persuasive combination of words and graphics that can connect people with products in seconds. Although communication mediums have changed over the years, they continue to inform and motivate people to make the best choices about spending their money.

As our needs have evolved, so has our communication. Yet one constant remains — its importance for social cohesion, persuasion and self-expression. In-store communication and visual merchandising are a testament to the timeline of communication, as the visual presentation of products is part of storytelling in retail and serves as a subtle way of expressing the benefits of your products to a captive audience.

The Power of In-Store Communication

A dynamic and enticing visual representation of your products can create a channel of communication between your brand and the customer just before purchasing. Effective communication and expression are essential for your brand, and retail displays communicate what your brand has to offer at that moment and give customers a taste of the experience they can gain when they use your products.

Shoppers show a more significant commitment to the products they notice first, and in-store communication places your product in people’s sights at the last stage of shopping. When someone enters a store, they’re already primed to buy something, and a short, powerful and immersive message can make them purchase one of your products. You can help customers recognize or remember a need they forgot, which is a powerful way to position your brand.

Retail displays should help customers remember a need

How In-Store Communication Has Changed Over Time

Visual merchandising has always been a powerful way of positioning your products at the forefront of people’s minds. From Gutenberg’s printing press in the 1440s to the first billboard in New York in 1835, marketing strategies have used clever images and words to create a need in their consumers.

While customer expectation has changed, visual merchandising is still a powerful medium in the digital age. People like in-store advertising and trust its message, making it as powerful today as it was throughout the last century. In some ways, in-store advertising has come full circle, with many sustainability-focused consumers caring about how organizations approach their marketing and more likely to connect with eco-friendly displays.

How Custom Displays Can Help You Communicate Your Brand

The visual presentation of your products can change consumer perceptions and allow consumers to connect with your brand message and values in many ways, some of which include the following:

  • Telling a story: Inspirational content can be more effective than simply offering people a deal. Using visual merchandising to tell a story about your brand history and products can evoke emotions and connect with customers to create brand loyalty. Visual displays with a consistent and emotive narrative translate into memorable shopping experiences.
  • Increasing trust: Custom displays are more than an eye-catching palette. They provide customers with the information they need to trust your brand. Your strategy could include customer reviews and statistics to highlight how others have interacted with and learned to trust your products.
  • Educating shoppers: Consumers are more empowered now than they were in the past. Empowering them further with information about your product’s features and benefits allows them to make informed decisions and understand and appreciate your products.
  • Promoting cross-selling: Cross-selling encompasses many effective retail strategies. Suggesting complementary products via custom retail displays can increase customer satisfaction and add value to their shopping experience.
  • Creating a shopping experience: Custom displays can immerse your customers in a complete shopping experience, presenting information in a visually appealing way and highlighting products that add value to their lives.

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