Potent Pairings: Sidekick and Endcap Displays

Potent Pairings Sidekick and Endcap Displays

Increasing sales is an ongoing goal for any retailer, and some of the most effective methods are often the simplest ones. One great (and easy!) example of this concept is placing a featured item on an endcap display with a companion item on the adjoining sidekick

Don’t think you have products this will work for? We bet we can find some! Almost any retailer has some peanut butter to a jelly at least somewhere in their space. 

Here are a few ways that strategic item pairings can help your sidekick and endcap displays work harder, increasing both sales and happy customers who can get what they need quickly, easily and without having to search. 

Retail Endcap Display - Cardboard Endcap

Food Merchandising

Since many grocery items carry a low markup, placing a low-profit bestseller with a high-markup companion item can be a great way to increase profits.

Coffee is a consistently popular grocery item, and displaying a leading brand of coffee on a prominent endcap is likely to be a successful feature regardless of whether or not you pair it with other products. However, placing coffee filters, powdered creamers, fun travel mugs or coffee cups or small packets of specialty coffee on a sidekick can encourage customers to make additional convenience purchases and increase overall profitability.

Electronics Merchandising

Some popular electronics already carry a high margin, but together with strategic pairings, you can yield even greater profits.

Batteries are probably the best add-on items in the electronics category, and their small size also makes them especially ideal for sidekicks. Depending on the specific device you’re featuring on an endcap, you can display standard or button batteries. Another great additional product includes cases or protective gear for expensive, often fragile electronic devices. 

Apparel Merchandising

In what was a surprising-to-some article, Forbes recently reported that many customers are actually spending even more when shopping in a physical store than they do when shopping online. If this is true, then placing key apparel accessories or companion pieces in close proximity to one another can perhaps inspire customers to purchase an entire outfit, or at least additional accessories, rather than just a single piece.

Some examples may include stocking leggings on a sidekick next to a feature of long tunics or sweaters. Or placing coordinating mittens near a display of knit hats or scarves. Why not pair a sidekick of socks with an endcap of shoes? The possibilities are endless. 

Sporting Goods Merchandising

Sports equipment often requires additional accessories, so placing any companion gear together next to basic equipment only makes it easier for customers to purchase everything they need in one trip. Try creating a sidekick of air pumps with a feature of basketballs, or place reusable ice packs with a display of coolers. 

It’s easy to see how endcaps and sidekicks can work together to increase sales and decrease shopper-fatigue. Consumers love consistency and convenience. So anything you can do to make their shopping-lives easier and faster will be appreciated more than you know. The final benefit then? Repeat shoppers! Sell more and encourage consumers to come back by making their experience quick and convenient with endcaps and sidekicks that work in tandem. 

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