How to Design a Winning In-Store Display Campaign

Did you know that most successful stores spend a great deal of time on their in-store display campaigns? Most of the major national and international retail brands have full-time employees dedicated to creating a great in-store experience for customers, including everything from the windows and décor to the product displays in each department.


But what if you can’t afford to hire a designer to create the perfect layout, interior decoration, in-store displays and merchandising campaign? You can still make a major impact and win over more customers through your retail display campaign, as long as you keep a few important factors in mind. Read on for the top 4 tips to executing a winning in-store display.

  1. Start with a Roadmap
    So your goal is to overhaul your existing displays or implement a new campaign for the first time. How are you going to get there? Before doing anything else, create a roadmap with a strategic plan for each step towards that goal. It doesn’t have to be complicated, but you and your team will need to understand exactly what is expected, and in what time frame, to make your display campaign a success.
  2. Stick to Bold Designs
    A bold, clean, simple design is almost always the best choice when creating an in-store display campaign. Of course, make sure it’s attractive so it catches people’s attention for the right reasons. Displays should also be prominently placed, free from dust, easily visible and effortlessly reachable.
  3. Be Clear and Consistent
    When retailers install displays throughout their store without any sort of unifying theme, it can create a sense of uncertainty and unpredictability as customers walk through the store, which typically isn’t a good thing. It’s much better to create a comforting sense of cohesion with a common theme throughout all your in-store displays. The theme may rely on concept, color, lighting or any number of other variables. Don’t be afraid to think big when you’re planning. Having an idea of how you can expand or duplicate your displays will help you grow your efforts throughout your store. Multiple displays with that common theme can be reused and duplicated for a unified feel. The sense of cohesion, not to mention the aesthetic appeal will be a tremendous asset to your overall display efforts.
  4. Keep Displays Fresh
    If customers come back to your store month after month and see the same in-store displays, they likely won’t even notice them after a while. By updating your displays regularly, you can keep customers curious. People will be more likely to notice your displays if they are seasonal or topical and if they are refreshed on a regular basis. Additionally, having regular seasonal displays could become something your customers come to rely on. Oftentimes they will even look forward to seeing how you’ve switched it up and what seasonal items you’re offering.

In-store displays are a valuable marketing tool you can use to refresh your store and highlight products. Putting a little time and thought into how you’ll execute your in-store display campaigns will maximize the reward you get out of your efforts.


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