Interactive Displays Can Be Real Game Changers for Your Company

The ever-increasing popularity of mobile devices and electronic personal assistants has led to a minor revolution in the marketing field. Interactive marketing displays are providing consumers with added ways to access information, allowing marketers to increase engagement with these potential customers in a fun and educational way. These innovative marketing tools can provide the added boost needed to help your products break through and enjoy success in the competitive marketplace. Here are four key elements to ensure greater market saturation with your digital signage and interactive product displays.

Interactive Endcap Display

#1. Location
Choosing the right locations for your interactive displays can help you to reach consumers when they are in the frame of mind to buy your products. Negotiating favorable arrangements with vendors or shopping mall managers can help you to present your products most effectively in the consumer marketplace. Since the location of your interactive units can directly impact their configurations, it is essential to lock in these arrangements prior to designing your displays.

#2. Design Considerations
To get the most from your interactive marketing tools, you should engage tech-savvy customers with entertaining games, engaging images and relevant information. Games and video presentations are among the most popular and effective ways to attract attention to your displays and products in the competitive marketplace. By providing your target audiences with a reason to interact and engage with these displays, you can convey critical information regarding your products and their benefits for consumers.

#3. Opportunities for Follow-Up
Offering something of value in return for an email address, social media “like” or contact information is a time-tested method for obtaining leads in the consumer marketplace. Coupons, discounts and free trial offers are ideal for these types of venues and can provide you with added information regarding your potential customers and new ways to reach them via email or social networking sites. By incorporating these options into your interactive product kiosks or displays, your company can significantly enhance its marketing strategies. Remember your ultimate goal is to turn a browsing potential customer into lead, and then to turn that lead into a sale. Your chances to complete the buying cycle significantly increase when consumers feel rewarded. Offering them something for their time and information is a great way to begin to build brand-loyalty.
#4. Expert Fabrication and Installation
Professional and reputable companies can provide comprehensive fabrication, installation and maintenance services to ensure that your displays perform as expected in the retail marketplace. By working with an experienced display company, you can enjoy trouble-free engagement with potential customers regardless of the venue—this will ultimately maximize your return on the investment you make on your interactive display.

By upgrading your current displays to provide greater interactivity, you can make a positive impression on technophiles and can increase engagement with consumers in key demographics and target audiences. This can help you achieve a higher degree of profitability in the modern commercial marketplace.

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