Seasonal Prep: Revenue-Driving Summer Display Ideas

Statistically speaking, nearly ¾ of all Americans head to the beach at some point during the summer. You’d think with this large percentage of the population all getting ready to do the same thing around the same time each year, stores would make it a little easier…but somehow, every year, shopping for weekend summer getaways and Sunday Funday excursions seems to include frustrating trips to multiple stores, where shoppers have to make several laps around each store to find all the items they need.

Cardboard Beer Display

This year, why not make it easy on shoppers? Creating seasonal floor displays that combine popular summer needs all in a single place makes shopping convenient for your customers. And that means happy customers…and that means happy-to-spend customers.

While you may think that having your shoppers crisscross your aisles will lead to more impulse purchases, it’s far more likely that they’ll add items to their cart from a localized, seasonal, combined display. Plus, they’ll appreciate the obvious emphasis you’ve put on making their shopping experience as convenient as possible.

Wondering how to make these seasonal displays? We’re going to give you three different creative display options so that this summer, you can give your customers all their essentials in one place!

Option 1: The “Sun Up to Sun Down” Display
For the customers who are the life of the party…with spring break and summer vacation right around the corner, shoppers are going to rush into your store to stock up. For the customers who are looking for a one-stop display to get all their beach party needs.

To make this display, be sure to include…

  • Disposable cups
  • Mini bottles of liquor
  • Portable, waterproof speakers
  • Beach games, like bocce ball or a beach volleyball set
  • A cooler to keep drinks and food cold
  • A game of Twister (because why not?)

Seasonal Display

Option 2: The “Relax in the Sand” Display
For those customers who go to the beach to get away from the office, the kids, and the cell phone. For the shoppers who strongly identify with the character Stanley Hudson on The Office. For those who feel like they’re a different, better person when they’re unwinding on the beach.

To make it, include…

  • Various sizes of flip-flops
  • Tote bags with phrases like “Pretend I’m Not Here” printed on them
  • Huge beach towels
  • Lightweight beach chairs
  • Sunglasses and hats (so they can relax in the shade)
  • Easy beach snacks, like tortilla chips and salsa
  • Noise-cancelling headphones in case a family with screaming young kids decides

Option 3: The “Beach Solutions” Display
For the shopper whose family always depends on them to be the person with all the answers…the designated family member people go to in a crisis. For anyone who’s ever been accused of being “over-prepared.”

To create this display for your store, include…

  • Various SPFs of sunscreen (both lotion and spray options, and make sure they’re waterproof!)
  • Water wings and goggles
  • Wet wipes
  • Bug spray
  • Mini first-aid kits (just in case of a jellyfish sting)
  • Single bottles of water, so customers can grab and go
  • Sun hats
  • Lightweight umbrellas

Nail Polish Displays

If you’re concerned that your display won’t have enough space or strength to hold all the items you want to feature, we suggest going with a 3-tiered display design.

Ready to Get the Beach Ball Rolling On Your Custom Display?
Now that you have all these awesome ideas for a customized floor display, we know you’re eager to get started on the design process for your own store.

And that’s where we come in.

To learn more about our in-store display capabilities, and to get started on your design for a “Summer Necessities” display, reach out today or call us at 1-855-284-6922. We can’t wait to connect you with a member of our team so you can start creating together.

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