7 Visual Merchandising Tips and Ideas To Boost Your Sales

If you’re starved for creative ideas to boost sales in your retail scheme, the following visual merchandising tips and ideas may just be the sustenance you’ve been looking for. Keep reading and learn how to turn your visual merchandising structure into a sales-boosting strategy with just the right creative cardboard displays.

    1. Remember That Variety is the Spice of Life
      It’s a great idea to use themes to enhance your visual merchandising, which may be centered on the four seasons, holidays, the school year, and other seasonal categories. But don’t use the same themes year after year, because people will remember. Vary your themes each season and opportunity, and consider several sub-themes within the same category to attract customers from different angles.Visual Merchandising Displays

  1. When It Comes to Displays, Think Big and Unusual
    If you want people to not only notice your visual merchandising, but also remember your displays after they’ve left the store, you need to be big and you need to be unusual. Novelties, contests, and other merchandising schemes can help with the unusual part, and a far as making your displays big, you just need to find the largest size that’s appropriate without getting in the people’s way.
  2. Consider Colors, Shapes, Textures, and Other Design Elements
    Principles of design such as color, form, line, size, shape, space, texture, and value can achieve great things when harnessed correctly. With the right design elements, you can bring balance to your display scheme, emphasize certain ideas and actions over others, vary one display from another, and create a sense of harmony and proportion.
  3. Freshen Up the Overall Look of Your Store
    Improving your store’s visual merchandising scheme won’t do much good if the rest of your space has seen better days. You also need to periodically freshen up your store’s look and keep permanent elements such as awnings and signs well-maintained. Otherwise, your merchandising efforts may be as useful as polishing a sinking ship.
  4. Don’t Be Stingy With the Graphics and Signage
    If you’re going to cut something from your visual merchandising budget, don’t cut the graphics and signs. Your retail space may soon become forgettable and bland, and people won’t be coming back to see what’s new. More importantly, people might not notice those awesome items that could become unplanned purchases.Visual Merchandising Store Display
  5. Don’t Overwhelm Your Customers with Clutter
    Remember to give your shoppers enough room to maneuver around your displays, and don’t overwhelm their eyes with visual clutter. There are several ways to accomplish this. Shorter shelves can help reduce visual clutter if you have low ceilings, for example, and avoiding overstocked shelves makes items seem more scarce (and thus appealing).
  6. Gather Fresh Ideas From Different Sources
    And last but not least, it’s a good idea to stay current on the latest design trends for retailers and vendors. Books, magazines, journals, and websites can be invaluable sources of information and inspiration to keep your look fresh.

Hopefully, these visual merchandising tips and ideas have inspired you to take charge and make the most of your retail scheme.

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