Top Tips for Displaying Blister Packs in Your Store

Whether you’re a retailer or a vendor or even a consumer, you’ve probably heard of blister packs. The “blister” part of these packages is a molded piece of thin, transparent plastic that is typically affixed to a piece of cardboard to hold and display a piece of merchandise in an all-in-one package perfect for hanging on a metal pole or hook, or for sitting on a shelf. Also known as bubble packs, these packages are often used for selling small items that need to be protected and need a little extra oomph for shoppers to easily notice them.

Blister Pack

The following article is a must-read for retailers and vendors looking to effectively utilize blister packaging – and the displays that are specially designed for these packages – in stores. Keep reading for deeper understanding, expert tips and more.

A Deeper Understanding of Blister Packaging
So, you know what blister packaging is. This is a good place to start on your road to understanding. But, more importantly, when is blister packaging the ideal choice? It isn’t always the right choice, of course, otherwise we’d see it everywhere rather than only in certain parts of a store. These situations are ideal for blister packaging:

  • When a frequently stolen high-ticket item requires additional security to deter theft
  • When a small product needs to be contained, organized and well-protected
  • When products need increased visibility achieved through branding and display
  • When vendors/retailers are looking for an affordable and sustainable choice

What makes blister packs so ideal in these situations? It’s the fact that they can protect and house the entire piece of merchandise – or multiple items – in one simple yet effective package that allows consumers to see what’s inside. The plastic bubble, or “blister,” can even be custom-formed to the shape of the product.

Captured Blister Packaging

Types and Styles of Blister Packages
There are many different varieties of blister or bubble packs to choose from based on your needs, goals and specifications, including the following:

  • Fold-over or Trapped Blister Pack
  • Full Face Blister Pack
  • Standing Blister Pack

How to Work Blister Packaging Into Your Displays
If you’re going to sell items packaged in blister or bubble packs, or stock them on store shelves, you will need to find the right display to complement this type of product packaging. Some of the most common options include floor displays with projecting rods or small hooks where the packs can be hung from a small hole at the top, and endcap displays with shelving and/or optional hardware attachments designed for arranging or hanging the packages. And if your packaging has special designs or comes in a special shape, you can even customize your displays to coordinate and create a more comprehensive, holistic branding experience.

From the design of the logo to the packaging to the display to the advertising and everything else in between, there are a myriad of opportunities to brand your products more effectively. Blister packaging might just be a part of that equation for your merchandise. It’s all a matter of showing off what you’ve got.

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