Display Your Creativity: Draw People

Resources For Drawing People By Skill Level

Drawing can be a wonderful way for people of all skill levels to express their creativity. It can be done for recreational purposes as well as professional. Drawing helps the artist better see into reality or create their own version of it. Regardless if you are a beginner or an expert, there are techniques that can help you improve your skills and refocus your perspective. You can learn to use different mediums and canvases and even evolve into 3D artwork. This resource page contains information for all skill levels, therefore I invite you to hone your craft, whether you are DaVinci or my Uncle Mark (who has never doodled a thing in his life!)


· Learning to Draw: Explains to children what steps to take to learn to draw.

· How to Draw a Frog: Instructions on how to draw a realistic frog.

· Introduction to Drawing People: The basics on how to draw a human face.

· How to Draw People: Straightforward instructions on how to draw people.

· Drawing People: Lessons that involve how to draw different parts of people.

· How to Draw: Very detailed explanation of how to draw the human face and body.

· How to Draw and Paint: Necessary fundamentals to sketching human anatomy.

· Art Lesson Forty-One: Step-by-step instruction on how to draw a person’s face.

· Figure Drawing for Artists Who Don’t Have a Figure: Advice on drawing your own figure.

· How to Draw a Head: Step-by-step instructions delivered by video on how to draw a human head.

· Teaching Children to Draw: Easy-to-understand instructions for kids interested in drawing.

· Tips on Sketching People: List of the steps necessary to sketching people.

· Daniel Watrous: All the fundamentals that are necessary to begin sketching people.

· Body Proportions in Art: Instructions for artists who want to draw perfect body proportions.

· Elfwood: Instructs visitors on the importance of getting proportion of human figures right in drawing.

· Learn How to Draw: Website that teaches how to draw all kinds of concepts, not just people.

Intermediate Skill

· Learn to Draw People: Helpful Tips and Insights: Web page that presents helpful advice and tips on how to draw people correctly.

· Learn to Draw and Paint: Tutorial on how to draw a person’s shape.

· Art History Archive: Tips and instructions on how to draw people properly.

· The Basics of Figure Drawing: Offers instructions on how to a figure posed in different positions.

· Pencil Portrait Drawing: Links to lessons on how to draw different people portraits.

· Graphite Pencil Drawing Tips: Tips on how to draw people effectively with a graphite pencil.

· Tutorial – How to Draw People: Summary of links to guides that teach people how to draw with a focus on anatomy.

· Guide to Drawing the Body: Information-heavy guide on how to draw all aspects of the human body.

· Drawing Coach: Provides links to different video lessons on drawing people’s faces.

· I Draw Digital: Instruction on how to incorporate the proper human proportions in drawings.

· Making a Mark: Provides 10 tips that people can use to get started on sketching right away.

· Visual Bodily Proportions: Explains how the human body should be drawn to look realistic.


· Learn to Draw Expressively: Extensive website that teaches people about drawing different body parts and in different styles.

· JD Hillberry: Offers tips on making real-looking artwork for graphite pencil artists.

· Drawspace: Intricate instructions on PDF files that teach about drawing people exactly.

· Art Graphica: Lessons on drawing people-related things like the human eye.

· Portrait Artist: Tutorial website offering lessons in drawing portraits of people.

· Introduction to Drawing People: Primer on how to draw people well.

· Artworks by Shannon: Very specific instructions on how to go about sketching portraits of people.

· Paint the Human Body in Action: Discussion on tips to use to paint the human body in action successfully.

· Human Figure Drawing Proportions: Complex write-up on all the ways to correctly draw the human body’s proportions.