4 Ways to Trigger Impulse Buys at Checkout with POS Displays

We’ve all been motivated to purchase products from POS displays – which are typically placed right next to the cash registers in stores – based purely on impulse. And this was no accident. As most successful vendors and retailers know, point-of-purchase displays are placed next to cash registers by design for the specific purpose of triggering an emotional impulse. These displays may include banners, display packs, display stands, dummy packs, mobiles, posters, and shelf edging made of thick, durable cardboard. Aside from common forms, point-of-purchase displays also share the common trait of attracting customers’ attention to a specific product (or range of products) during the final moments before they leave the store. If you’re looking for new ways to trigger impulse buys at the register, consider these four ideas for point-of-purchase displays:

POS Display

  1. Deals and Offers
    Retailers often use displays placed in the point of purchase area to advertise deals and special offers that customers may have otherwise missed. This is often most successful when items that customers already routinely use – such as batteries, chewing gum, and air fresheners – are offered at a discounted rate.
  2. Holiday and Seasonal Sales
    When the holidays are coming up, or when the season is changing, point-of-purchase-displays can be used to remind shoppers of products they may want or need to prepare for all the upcoming festivities. This is why we see lots of chocolate eggs and bunny rabbits near cash registers before Easter, bug spray and sunscreen near cash registers in the summer (especially around Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day), and books and pencils before back-to-school time.
  3. Limited Time Offers
    One of the most effective ways to trigger impulse buys at the point of purchase area is with a limited time offer. If you can make people believe that they won’t be able to purchase your products for much longer, they may be persuaded to buy something they wouldn’t have otherwise felt like they needed. This is why many fast-food restaurants and food manufacturers offer certain products only during certain times of the year. When you can create a sense of urgency and scarcity you can trigger just the kind of emotions that inspire people to buy.
  4. “New” Products
    The point of purchase area is an excellent place to introduce new products, either from an established company or an emerging brand. It’s also a great place to highlight the newness of a product, even if it isn’t exactly new. Changing the design of a product’s packaging, changing some of the ingredients, or making other improvements is worth sharing with customers. Even a small change can grab attention with the right graphics, text, and color choices to highlight the product in a new light.

POS displays can be used to showcase many different types of products, from magazines to candy to cat-food. There are virtually no limits to the items that can trigger an impulse. If you can integrate a deal, seasonal items, limited time offer, or new product into the display, you’ll be better positioned for retail success.

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