The Use of Color in Retail

There has been a lot of research done around the psychology of color with regards to advertising and promotion. What retail color schemes impact purchasing decisions? What colors evoke emotion that is positive toward a product or brand? Which colors are optimal for specific demographics?

Studies have been done to focus on the impact of color schemes in the retail environment, focusing on the moment of decision for consumers. We found the following useful resources in the ongoing discussion of the impact of color in selling in-store:

Beer Store Display

  • Kizer and Bener’s Retail Adventures in the Real World Blog discusses primary and secondary colors within the retail environment, and walks through each color and the shopping emotions it evokes.
  • references that 60-70% of buying decisions are made at the point of purchase, and that the right colors can gain extra attention and even help consumers remember a message longer than black print.
  • Science Daily examines receptivity to advertising messages, comparing the results of using red versus blue.

Our experienced team utilizes this type of data to help customers select the best retail color schemes for their point of sale displays and retail packaging. What do you think? How have you seen the impact of color in retail environments?

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